Friday, 13 November 2015

Living on an asylum seeker's budget, part III

Day seven, I bought stuff to make mozzarella, including a termometer that by chance was the offer of the week. Friends bought stuff too, so I in return have flour, Gouda cheese, pasta sauce, pizza and lots of left over milk but I can not shop till Thursday (I pretend that I have zero savings, but I "cheat" as I have other products in the refrigerator and freezeer from before).

Halleluja number one - a friend suddenly calls and invites me for dinner in two days. Halleluja number two - a friend I visit in the evening bakes bread and I can take as much as I want with me. (None of the halleluja friends is aware of my monetary restrictions.)

Day eight, I go to play badminton. I own a racket and my friend E. several shuttlecocks, but the latter I did not know and bought one, all with student discount - I happen to have such a card. Now I can not shop food until Saturday (so in seven days). The friend who invited me for dinner is forced to postpone the invitation till her voice is back.

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