Sunday, 1 November 2015

Fat lady on chocolate and other Finland stuff (shopping and museum version)

It is almost November. Perfect opportunity to remind you of my Finland trip!
We did not cover it all, you see.
City seems to be liking activities connected to heights. Bungyjumping and Dinner in the Sky (they have lousy service, mind you).
Ilo and I found a great little shop next to our residence. We commented on pretty much everything and made the salesman very happy.
This chips bag, for example. A dinosaur with necklace that goes "Definitely World peace BABE", or it is called Babe and wants world peace. Hilarious either way.
This I found inside a museum shop. NEVER EVER has marketing been so good as this. YES, one can get fat by eating chocolate! Goes even for ballerinas! Very important.
The museum shop is the shop of Ateneum, the National Gallery of Finland.
This is where I discovered that my favourite painter so far is Theodor Kittelsen.
I really liked the place.
Who does not?
Before getting inside, one could have a camera obscura-type of preview. 
Oh, and pine apples in plastic jars is a genious idea.
That is it of Finland for a few months ahead at least!

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