Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Turning 10,000 days

By pure luck, I discovered a web page that calculates one's age in days. I would turn 10,000 days this summer, it said, so I invited friends for a picknick by the beach.
  I tried to pose with Jérémy's chips bag but Louise attacked me from the back. Here is take 2.0.
I also go to lift a few men (60, 90 and 83 kilos, not bad!), and a few men lifted me. Good birthday celebration! One of the game activities that I came up with was that the guests had to write a love story as if I, most likely, would have. Louise is still working on it - in FRENCH. I am very much looking foward to this.
Louise also printed this photo later. I know it is a little bit dark, but senario is that Jonas is lifting me up while I hold a bouquet of yellow roses and we both laugh very hard while people around us act like paparazzis. SUCH a good party. And shortly after everyone had arrived, I had to leave.

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