Thursday, 22 October 2015

Spanish summer and passing death and the boring 50's

This is the most fresh book i have read so far - it came out on 25th of August (in Sweden, that is - 30 other countries also have published it). Main character is a relaxed, loving and liberal person in grief with the Spanish summer as a setting. I enjoyed the reading experience a lot because of all of it. Her relationships with everyone - her sons, their two fathers and new men, her friends, her now dead mother - they all seem perfectly real. Maybe they all are - in real life, Milena Busquets has a teenage son that does not speak to her for teenage reasons, for example. Most importantly, it does not lose in value when being re-read.
I am chronically inclined to believe the best in people, but J.D Salinger is wasting my time. When an author shares jibberish from the 1950's and has more parenthesis in a text than I use myself, the novella (English title: "Raise high the roof beam, carpenters and Seymor, an introduction") can be abandoned. Not entirely, of course; I searched the net to see if I was missing something. Stream of consciousness is the name of what bothers me. On Wikipedia the novel is said to include elements from various philosophers, haiku(s?) and a bit of religious reflection. Well - too spread out for my taste, though I appreciated the quality of the language.

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