Sunday, 4 October 2015

Museum Mission: Tyresta national park and Naturum

Naturum is a museum of all national parks in Sweden. This house has the shape of Sweden seen from above - even the benches you see to the left are part of the construction. They represent the islands Öland and Gotland!
The house itself is super well-planned (architects and environmentalists are welcome do argue in the comments below) as it is made of organic materials, is basically sustaining itself in pretty much everything and is one of the first and biggest environmentally-friendly buildings in Sweden. For some reason very expensive, too.
A local had put up photos of his favourite spots with comments. I do not recall if he was 74 years old or had been walking around for 74 years now - cool anyhow. By now, this exhibition is archived, so you can still see it but in a file folder.
Scary stone. It falls down on you. A new fall takes a few seconds to load.
This museum is for free - and you can walk for hours in the forests around (there is a café/shop and restaurant/shop as well, and get-togethers such as violin battles). Takes a while to get out here, though.
The walks are measured in kilometers and the guides at the museum can tell you the time it takes to walk. One can put up tents here, too.
Across this area, there are caves at a steep wall (!). I will try find out more about this.

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