Friday, 23 October 2015

"Jana, can you blog about us?"

One of my students asked.

I said: "I can".

However, we have to have in mind that as a teacher, I have limited means to reveal certain events and names. I can (shall) be extreme and exclude everything and everyone; this cuts all the cool drama out (like the guillotine chopping baguettes, for example) and leaves us with an unpersonal version that would look something like this:

A student with a certain name and a certain age (born this century) that goes to this school where I work, said this very funny thing today with a certain kind of voice that made me laugh.

That is not very intriguing. So I can tell you this instead:

There is this colleague that I jokingly compete with: who is the best teacher of us? In the cab back from school (we go by cab to a school nearby), he showed me a bird cage his students had given to him. I guess it is a good thing. Or is it? I mean, a cage?
(Totally normal to have photo shoots in each other's offices. I am sure the other teachers do this all the time.)

 My students sketch images of me (ok, just one so far, but still). Also, I happened to find this in the archive of my photo gallery from earlier this spring. Shall we call it a draw? 

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