Saturday, 24 October 2015

"I think of children everyday. It is the idea of a husband I cannot stand."

 That is what a Singaporean talented finance woman, aged 37, told Hans Rosling and he told us. His lecture also was about that out of ten people, only one person does not attend primary school in the world. That geriatric care is not culturally accepted in Japan and fewer children are born because when a woman chooses between taking care of her parents-in-law, their parents and children of her own, she chooses not to give birth. Simple as that. And that the world population will grow, because many of the young people today have better living conditions than ever and will be able to grow old. After so much enthusiasm that the lecture was 30 minutes longer than planned, the conferencier asked for a selfie with Rosling and the audience. I went up the stage afterwards to shake hands with him; I liked his lecture, it was warm and personal and he also mentioned sex quite a few times. "Good", I told him, "people are afraid of talking about it." "I am so old that these things are permitted to say", was his answer.
I also liked speaker Linda Liukas a lot. She is a programmer that draws and writes books for children about how computers and programming works. Like, a girl is told to put her clothes on. She does - but does not take of her pyjamas, because we did not tell her to. Same with computers! Or that kids, young enough to not yet have learned that computers are hard to understand, get to go on lectures and talk computers. A child was given a sticker with an on/off button to transform anything into a computer. She put the sticker on a bicycle lamp, motivating the chose with that the computer system would make the lamp blink and change colours. So what else could you do with it? She was asked. She came up with the brilliant idea to take it off the bike after use it as a projector to show films when tenting :)

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