Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Wave ahoy

Look at these ancient shoelaces! Did you know that rowing is really good for your posture? And that it is all about legwork? And according to the rowing machine, where I wasted my energy due to lack of technique, I can row 825 meters in 2 minutes 25 seconds.
There was surprisingly many snacks - mud cake, chips, cream and coconut balls... I invented the sausage alternative while waiting for my turn to practice - which took like two hours, as different university teams had to compete first.
And it was fun! The person in the front of the boat (Carol, who took this picture), is called cox and steers the direction. The two people in the front and the two people at the back have also special names, but I was too busy not sinking to remember. Next time!

Not to forget: the winners.

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