Wednesday, 9 September 2015

The Great List of (non-)Cocktails.

I keep finding the most fantastic things now when I am moving. On Saturday, an unopened postcard from January (more about that later) and now a list Mathieu wrote last spring when he was visiting me in Stockholm. The list is actually called "the other great list" (the first great list has pinches of alcohol stuffed in) and is marvelous.

- A Virgin Cuba Libre, please! (= coca cola)
- I am really craving for a Virgin Bloody Mary (= tomato juice)
- Can I have a Virgin whiskey on the rocks, please? (= ice)
- Virgin Screwdrive is nice for breakfast (= orange juice)
- and the best of them all: Virgin pastis (= water)

Goot to know next time you want to be cool and order something complex! (Well, it is complex enough when I say "alcohol free" at the counter and the major part of the staff is confused for several seconds before I am suggested the fantasy-free coca cola or orange juice.)

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