Wednesday, 2 September 2015


I have not told you about Sveaborg yet! It is a bunch of islands (four) interconnected with bridges with forts, several museums, a church and cozy cafés where Helsinkinians like to go to hang out. 15 minutes by boat from Helsinki and you are there!
Cute birds, like in a cartoon movie.

Here, to the left, there was an abandoned tunnel entrance of some sort, filled with water. Ilo and I jumped on the stones as gazelles and went all the way in (and tourists took pictures of us). 
Watch out for the not dog but the spider!
On a more serious note: Sveaborg was founded in 1748, when Finland was still part of Sweden. About 800 people live here permanently. In 1991, it was registered on UNESCOs list of world heritage as an object that should be preserved for coming generations as an example of military architecture in Europe.

And it is a nice place to go to, really.

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