Sunday, 6 September 2015

Now more than ever.

1. Now is the perfect time to donate money to The Red cross, UNHCR and other organisations that you know are established and at the borders to help. Why perfect? Because it is strongly needed and canalised pretty straight; little corruption should be involved and so many people are already helping that we become even more strong and helpful together for a straightforward cause. There is also a demonstration today in Stockholm on this topic: we care for all these people. And we want the war in Syria to end.

2. Note that the Swedish nationalist party, Sverigedemokraterna, has a polemic way of showing its non-understanding for the refugee situation. Look at the politician's tweet accounts and remember next time it is time to vote: they can not handle human crises and lack empathy when calling TV-reports on the effects of war "cry stories".  Foreign politics and handling any program that helps immigrants should be out of these politicians' reach.

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