Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Museum Mission: Penningby slott

Meet the sixth generation of castle owners in front of the original entrance of the Penningby castle! Measured not in size but in years. 
The family takes turns guiding during a few days in the summer. Castle has no electricity but contains a fresh water well which was forgotten of and covered with a wooden floor, so when one of the hodges fell through some boards that had rotten, another hodge came running screaming "the hodge is drowning indoors!" (drängen drunknar i fäbon). 
This is also the place where one finds one of the first tile stoves in Sweden and the walls are really thick (it never gets warmer than "chilly" even during the hottest summer months).
It is not super easy to get to Penningby from Stockholm and back without a car, unless you do not mind transfers and waiting, and it is only open for a short time during summer - but I of course claim it is worth a visit.

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