Sunday, 2 August 2015

Rome but not Rome, helicopters and pinsa

In Rome, I was going to meet up with Claire. I strolled around for a bit, so here you go, a Roman Exit. This area is also where I got an Italian postcard in 3D (coming up when I can import more images). Colosseum? Next time, maybe. When Claires train finally arrived and we had to wait for the next one together, she came up with a fun game: counting dresses. A particular dress in white and blue was very cheap and for sale everywhere, so every time we would spot one we would collect points. 
When the game started, we saw one. Next dress I saw was in Stockholm.
Tada! As promised. It is more holografic than 3D and has a COOL STAMP. I can track my letter! If my phone only would work, I could install the required app.
Upon arrival to our common friend, we were welcomed with a refreshing watermelon. It was so huge, it lasted for DAYS. We also had fresh mozarella for lunch, which was the best both me and Claire had ever had in our lives.
Best gelato in Aprilia is found here. Chocolate is good, for example, but avoid the peach.
And I bought my first Italian shoes! OMG I will probably never by my shoes anywhere else! 
And being in Italy, we of course went to have pizza to a nice outdoor restaurant on the countryside. The table reservation for 20.30 o'clock meant about 21+. Especially in the Rome area, things are taking much more time than expected. Parties at night do not really have a time, either. 
A bit to the left, outside of the image frame, the pope has his summer place next to a no longer active volcano where he goes by helicopter from the Vatican (work). 
This could be the name of the restaurant, or just a message saying a couple got wed there today. No, wait, it says "garden of love". (After a closer look, now when I can speak (understand) much more Italian.)
Well. MUCH cozier than my camera makes it look like.
And cozier it got. A pinsa is a long pizza just bursting with flavours, like the Italian kitchen in general. It is not at all the same as in Stockholm. I even wonder how these two very separate dishes can be called the same name? Think home-made pizza and add even more flavours to that - then you come close to a pinsa.

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