Thursday, 13 August 2015

Report from the Helsinki visit. And Kotka. And Helsinki again.

Note that apartments in this house do not have door handles. This particular door is also theft-proof, as almost only the owner knows how to use the key (!) to open it properly. To me and Ilo, it first felt like a mission inpossible, but then I finally nailed it.
While locked out the first time (with a working key in our hands!), I had the time to write a few postcards. (Which I posted like ten minutes before the boat back to Stockholm took off.)
A very nice man at the book shop - Akademiska bokhandeln - showed me all the stamps that were for sale so I could have my pick. A clear favourite is the golden swan to the right.
The street systems in Helsinki, and well, Helsinki itself, was planned by the Russians, which makes it very airy. Street art makes things more Finnish-touched.
And so do the different signs. Another favourite is the recurring toilet sign (what to do/not do, usually glued to the lid) with a laughing red pig! 
The ladies at the tourist information office wore unique, lovely designs (which now seems to be for sale in Old town in Stockholm and online!) with Mumins (Moomintrolls). When we asked where to find hot guys, we got the suggestion to keep our eyes open. Or as C. said, maybe they are all on vacation in Sweden?
Other touristic suggestions!
We came to Helsinki after two days in the Finnish archipelago - one completely rainy, and one very sunny.
We paddled kayak in pouring rain, which was a beautiful: droplets bounced back up from the sea surface like white pearls around us, and we both heard the rain coming from our back as very loud whispers and could see it as a white line ahead when it passed on to pour at the horizon. Close to the shore, still wearing the life saving vest, I decided to jump in and it was so SCARY and COLD. Ilo's parents said happily that it looked so COZY from a distance!
Very beautiful.
The sauna is designed so that all of this greatness can be seen when inside (not seen here, though.).
I broke off the tip of several arrows (are they called that?) when practicing and decided I should by Ilo's family a new set for Christmas.
But nature in the city is nice, too. I am maybe both comfortable on the countryside as well as in town. As long as the countryside has fresh water. Electricity. Communication possibilities. Things like that.

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