Saturday, 22 August 2015

My words from 2015, part I

Da Hong Pao. The world's most expensive tea, rounding up to 1 million USD per kilogram.

Greige (actually, a 2014 word i think) and bronde, words that Ian thinks he will never use. I have used them - except for telling other people what they mean. I have read them even more often (which says more about which articles I stumble upon...).

To wallraff - a Swedish term that stems from Günter Wallraff's investigative journalistics, who was using the method of adapting false identities to get closer to the interview object(s). Does anyone know any cool word for wallraffing in English?

Thumbnail - those very small images you see when online, impossible to enlarge.

Slingbacks. Is it fishing equipment, or a special hair cut with a dreadlock touch? Answer: shoes.

Neonatal. Has to do with bith and babies.

To bequeath. Because I do that all the time. I bequeath pens and books and other bequethal stuff. That was very facetious, haha.

Equestrienne. Means a female peson riding a horse. Horseriding happens to be the most equal sport in the world - women and men are paid the same amount of money.

I can tell a dahlia and a gerbera apart!

Grindslant. Swedish word. Translates as "entrance fee". Appears also as the name of a famous painting.

Silver bag. This is, despite the apparent language origin, Swedish slang in badass situations. To be avoided in double sense.

ServitutLoggiaCrenellation/battlement/knenellering. I do not really remember these construction terms by heart yet, but I keep coming back to "what was the name of..." so I will probably learn them fairly soon.

OOTD - outfit of the day. OMG  for knowing this acronym.

Grillz - teeth jewellery.

Sunroom. It is something completely different in Swedish: punschveranda.

A-yta (rough translation: "a-area"). A technical term used in shops for areas close to the entrance to display new items (and to make customers by them!).

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