Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Ladies and Gentlemen, this is captain speaking: "We are Superduper late"

After a delicious pizza at Rome's airport (even airport food is good in Italy, apparently) and fun with Norway's national volleyball team, I took off to Copenhagen. 
Were were about 1.5 hours late. Either the plane to Stockholm would wait for me, or I had to buy a new ticket.
I could only wait.
In Copenhagen, according to the EU , I got booked to the next flight and got a voucher that entitled me to a meal worth 75 DKK and a list of food stores where I could use it. 
I decided to explore them all. I managed to locate all but three. Some are very ambitious, but you could tell that it is just not the kind of food that, hm, a traveler needs.
These were the best: Yo!Sushi and Hotel Chocolat, conviently next to each other. The sushi place has a rolling flat escalator where you can pick each dish from (I just did not eat there, as I went for a take away salad because I though I would miss my flight) and the chocolate shop is available online too.
And if you want, you can also buy a Rainbow Maker, all on solar cells. True story!
And after twelve hours of traveling, I was back home for a short while before the next flight would take me to Helsinki. More about that later, hopefully. It depends on my phone...

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