Monday, 3 August 2015

Anzio snapshots

Palms and other cool trees! Hotness! Let's go the beach.
The one in Anzio is suitable.
I was thinking too much of Stockholmian waters as a reference: that it would be calm, no waves, and that I might learn to swim (I do swim, a bit, in intervals, and even longer intervals in salty water, one could say). I ended up having fun surviving and surfing masses of water that sounded like thunder when they went past the rocks in to the beach. 
For about 30 Euros, this beach is yours, service included. Or go further to the right, where the beach is for free and the sand so hot that I had to pour water on it before I could stand on it.
The waves are salty and knock you over if you don't keep attention up. Guards (good-looking ones) are walking around in the water to remind you of this.
Before I knew how dangerous the waves were, I wanted to go out to this pier and stand in the middle of the raising wave that throws itself on the edge. Not a very good idea. A better idea is to get an ice cream with jokes on it (Canchinella, I think the name was) and to use lots and lots of sunscreen.
Italy <3

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