Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Summerproof outfit

 Fashion and your size is not a coherent thing throughout all times. The concept of "oversize", for example, has to be intrepreted with taste. The shirt you see is hence four sizes smaller than my normal size in clothes. It works perfectly fine; no bodypart suffers.
 The thing about this shirt (if I were like a real estate agent but a real clothing agent, arguing my case) is that it is of thin cotton, has a nice patten even on the edges (look for the white lace dots) and has open shoulders, yet with a sleeve. Shirt is nice too, I have had it for four years or so. Still looks like new.
Incredibly enough, the look of these ballet flats goes well with most of garments. When I went to Belgium, this was the only pair I brought and the first time I used them. A risk, but it went rather fine.
And note the clutch! It has a handle. My ougoing eves are saved.
Photos by David Härenstam.

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