Friday, 31 July 2015

Part-time in Paris: Gustave Moreau and train travel to Milan

Last day in Paris I went to the Gustave Moureau museum which was supposed to be amazing. 
It has a famous staircase, which I once found on Pinterest and saved for "future restauration plans".
Many of you might recognize it. There are several floors in this museum, on the top of which there are two airy galleries.
Come here when it opens to avoid tourist stocking.
And take as many photos as your soul wants!
I am a huge, huge fan of interactivity possibilities in exhitions (not including the possibility to ask the guides something, which is very important too). Here, they were two: to flicker through a gallery, the one you see above, and to hold charts in plastic and walk around with to find out more about each painting.
I of course had questions. So many in fact, and specific ones, that the guides on the top floor made an internal call (it was an old phone with a handset!) to the bottom floor and there they had prepared books for me marked with pink post-its with the exact explanations I was looking for. Thank you again!
Maybe I was too focused on that my train to Italy would leave in four hours.
Or maybe I should be more into mythology and biblic events. I also dare to draw a parallel to my experience in museums in general. I did in the end not find Moreau's home and studio superb in the end, but do go there to experence it and come back to me if you think otherwise.

 And off I went to buy dinner for my train travel and so landed my first luxury hand made post card in a spiritual shop.

I then walked along Seine and nearly missed my train to Milan, as only the front part the train on the station would take off - not the part closest to me. But I made it! Best part was when the train slowed down and I could read a sign saying "CASCADE 450 m" in the woods. I turned to my neighbours, a large company of teenagers from Northern Ireland, and told them there would be a waterfall to the right. "A waterfall?" said one of the guys in doubt, as there only were leaves to be seen, and put his cards down. And in that moment, the forest made way for a rather big open place - with a waterfall!

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