Thursday, 30 July 2015

Paris continued: Jardin des Serres d'Auteuil, the Eiffel Tower and Sarah

Squeezed inbetween two hot guys (I almost introduced myself; the Parisian métro gives so many opportunities to date - in theory it iz amazing) I went to the west of Paris to visit Jardin des Serres d'Auteuil. I touched a plant that looked like a cousin of aloe vera, upon which I cut my left ring finger on it and I was really, really, hoping it was not poisonous. (It probably was not, as I am still alive.)
It was nice, no doubt, but I expected more. 
The fish were bored; one of them was styling in front of the others with its fins. Goldfish do not have an excessively short memory, that is a myth, but how does one entertain a fish? Does it like being entertained? 
Some orangerys have recorded fake sounds of birds, but these were real. First time I have ever seen a bird hanging only by one foot to reach food, amazing sight.
(Little did I know that I soon would be seeing wildly growing plants of this kind in Italy.)
I also wanted to visit Musée Cognacq-Jay, for which I had to cross the town, and crossit again for my rendez-vous at the Eiffel tower with Sarah. "Let me know if you made it", M. said (he predicted I would not.)
In fact, I decided last minute to not go to the museum and take the bus instead to get to see more of Paris. I waited for what, 50 minutes? Half of that time, Sarah was staying around the corner waiting for me. But we made it - meeting without texting each other!

She surprised me with a picknick, and with the very light and handy wooden equipment to eat from and with. More guys with rifles passed by. Some policemen were haunting illegal salesmen of minature Eiffel towers that came running. 
We also took a lot of photos of the Eiffel tower. Here I commented: "but my bosom looks so big!", upon which she replied "that is the best part".
Sarah is a very cool and calm person in general. If there would be a fire in the middle of the night and one would have to quickly leave the building, she would just put on a pair of sun glasses and calmly walk out (I asked).

We then headed to the Grand palais, which only has an exhibition coming up in September (not really counting the Jean-Paul Gaultier exhibition on the corner, because this cool roof top was not in use).
Petit palais was open, though.
I of course went straight to the postcard shop, simultaneously trying to take artistic photos using the glass potential.
We still wanted to get a closer look that glass roof though, so we went back to the Grand palais that has a café.
Note that the two bags to the right is all the bagage I had for one week's vacation. Also note that the scarf is a life-saving, sun-protecting agent.
We were not sure what to say about the café. The serrano ham was delicious and the other meat stuff okay, the tea was great, the view good, but the service was a bit out of hand and the prices were just symbolically high. I guess a bit more humbleness from the people around would increase the experience.
But all in all, not too bad.

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