Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Paris continued: erotica and other tourism events (warning to sensitive readers)

I met up with Aliénor for a coffee in a café that does magic managing everything in one small room. In Sweden, any inspection would have closed it down long ago, but whatever, putting ice in drinks with the hands and handling with money inbetween without washing adds spices to life. (The image has nothing to do with the café, do not worry.)

While waiting for Aliénor (in France: always add 15-30 minutes to the meeting time), I found a nice bakery called Aux Désirs de Manon ("to the wishes of Manon"). It is just outside the metro station St-Paul. I keep forgetting what the difference between a quiche and a tarte is - one contains eggs somewhere, one does not - so I had one of those with squash, which is really, really good.

Nearby, there is also an old museum (for free) about old parts of Paris and a library, biliothèque Forney, in a really cool building (think of that castle in Disneyland in Paris) that was built about five hundred years ago.
I thought I had not been on île de la cité before, but I indeed had. Notre Dame looks much cooler from behind, as you see. 
I got a phone call from a friend who did not know that I was in Paris, and timely, the church bells started ringing and a boat crammed with tourists and a guide witht a microphone slided by as an explanation.
Walking went on! Art pieces like this can be great - but do also expect some brutal honesty.
Sorry for a bad photo - but it is controversial and fun at the same time. Found at Musée de l'Erotisme. Seven floors of sex related stuff! I was hoping to find some inspiration for the love novel I am writing for a competition. One important insight is that for example Europeans tends to associate sex with shame (just think about the word - "losing virginity", how stupid is not that?), while people in the other parts of the world cherishes it as something important and great (of course there are always exceptions). 
I do not recommend the museum, but every place has its lovelinesses. The nuns were one.
This is the other.
And I really liked André Barbe's clever drawings, I even considered buying one. (Barbe = beard in French.)
In the evening, three of us met up for dinner at Les Galopins in Antony. My dish was called "the return of the fishing", as I remember it. Cozy place, tasty food, nice staff! I tried to avoid dessert. My diet seemed to mainly consist out of pastry anyway. I really wonder how the French do it - how is it possible to eat something sweet and pastrylike every single morning?!

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