Friday, 17 July 2015

Museum Mission now extended!

I have almost lost count, but I know that I visited more than 77 museums during the past three years, of which maybe five are abroad or utside the (in my definition, quite large) Stockholm region. You can see all these visits if you click on the cathegory Museum Mission below a museum post (which is only visible from a computer or if you click on "View web version" at the bottom of the page when you visit my blog from a phone). Or just type "museum" and "9careersatonce" on Google.

My new idea is to visit all museums I can get access to using my SL card, with a few exceptions. Vaxholms fästning ("fästning" means "fort") is for example on a small island, prefectly visible from Vaxholm, but you have to take the boat there and that adds a cost. For international readers: an SL card is the ticket one uses to get around on trains, buses and the subway. It covers quite a large area, including other cities, so I have a lot to work on :)

I know that I have at least 20 museums left in the more or less centre of the city (which I can list), some more known than others, so now starts the search for museums I have not heard of before.

If you have any suggestions for museums I should visit, please hit me! 

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