Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Jardin du Luxembourg, a hidden romantic café and Coworkshop

I kind of set on the agenda to visit as many Parisian parks as possible. My source of information, a blog, displayed an autumn or spring day in this same garden, with romantically fallen leaves. Jardin du Luxembourg is a beautiful place, no doubt, and so was the model, but I now know that the blog in question is hardcore photoshopped.
Some guys from the gendarmery with FAMASes in their hands hing around to protect the senate (which is the building you see here). I stared at one weapon in particular, which seemed so misplaced beacuse 1) the guys holding them looked so chilled out and 2) there are flowers in the park  and rifles do not exactly add to its beauty 3) the park is used like a stadium (so many runners circulate the area!). And believe it or not, but the carrier of the rifle smiled at me and said: "Bonjour!"
More of the senate.
Even more of the senate.
Less of the senate.
More of my new favourite flowers.
It was now time for me to visit Musée de la vie romantique, so I started walking in the wrong direction. I quite soon realized that the names of the metro stations are not that important - you just keep walking till you find one, and change underground if the station was not located where you wanted to be. In return, you get to see more of the city.
I had expected the museum to decribe the evolution of love, but behold:
it is about the Romatique as an epoque. George Sand's life is mentioned, for example. So even though the museum was for free (some claim it takes away the right to complain), I was disappointed.
The bonus is that there was a hidden café!
Not crowded at all, and very quiet (as in, no cars or large groups of tourists - there is a kindergarten with happily loud kids on the other side of one wall).
Quite known by the French themselves. A good place if you want to do some work on your computer or write on a novel. (Did not ask about wifi, though.)

If you want to be sure about wifi, I found a place called Coworkshop which is like a café-like office close to the big train stations Gare de l'Est and Gare du Nord, also near the growing BOBO-quartier of the Saint Martin Canal. (Bobo = bohème and bourgeouis, French for "hipster", a trendy person that likes organic food and stuff.)

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