Thursday, 16 July 2015

Heritage fairness in Dalarna

In Dalarna, a friend who is involved in history education and culture politics said, people have been very fair to each other. The eldest son did not inherit it all; all the sons got to split on the heritage, and so did their sons. In the end this lead to people being forced to not only stay peasants, but to find new ways of making a living, as one cow or one small piece of land was not enough to sustian an entire family. Women specialized in making accessories of women's hair (hårslöjd in Swedish), for example.

And how far has the heritage splitting got? A man from Dalarna who came to the open door museum Skansen three days ago to play an ancient instrument said that he just inherited a piece of land with his brother: 12 meters wide, 2 kilometers long. So 6 meter wide land each!

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