Tuesday, 7 July 2015

First days of vacation

Now I am on vacation till August! I have the time to prepare colourful breakfasts that look like a stillife (and take a picture of them)! I have also checked out the cafés outside my front door (I recently moved) and could at last pop by the local vintage store that is only open on the weekends. The Chiavari chair in red and gold from the 60's (or 70's) was gone at the end of the day, so somebody must have thought it was a bargain (I had doubts).
Not the least, I finally was able to take a tour at (of? in? by?)  the so-called Eclipse, a whirligig that I used to find so scary that I absolutely wanted to hold somebody's hand while taking the ride. I ended up jumping up and down of joy (the lady who instructed us about how to be safe said I looked very brave) and I even sat all by myself. My friend Anna, who had observed me from the ground, said I seemed very joyful and relaxed up there, while everybody else held on and seemed frightened. And it was not scary! Just the first few seconds, when the ground is swept of your feet, but, do not worry,  it will pass quickly. You will be busy discovering that the view is great.
And nature's heat is on. Living in the city, I try to profit by taking off my shoes and walking on the grass with my bare feet as often as I can. 

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