Saturday, 27 June 2015

Svartsjö castle with surroundings

The building itself is not a museum, but one could say the surroundings are. A ruin of a so-called Vasa castle with parts from the 14th century is found at one end of the park, the bricks of which (144,800 of them to be more precise) were used to build the royal castle in the Old town in Stockholm after the 1697 fire.
Svartsjö castle itself had had quite a life, so to speak. It became a prison in 1891, back then when the Swedish lösdrivarlagen stated that people without a home and a job were criminals - but it also was disposed by queen Lovisa Ulrika and the king Adolf Fredrik in the 1700's who largely contributed to the expansion of the park (for example seen above - I loved the wilderness of the flowers and the cut-out paths). During the Scandinavian Medieval time, 1050-1650, the royalties did not have one single home but moved around the country and stayed at different castles and demesnes, so another royal temporal visitor of this place was probably the king Magnus Eriksson in the mid 1300's.

These days, you are welcome here to dine or for a piece of cake.
And to fish in some of the waters and to look at newts in the pond.
And to enjoy the summer!

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