Friday, 19 June 2015

Flynn's "Gone Girl" (and "Dark Places")

I like Gillian Flynn's stories. I do not know anyone who does not. Before "Gone Girl", I had the pleasure to read "Dark Places" which is coming in cinemas soon. I did NOT portrait the main character, Libby Day, as Charlize Theron, but then I forgot from time to time what genre I was reading, too. Flynn's language gets beautiful, some phrases are poetically modern spot-on explanations that just make you smile - and then come the grose stuff and remind you about the title. That is why.

I do, however, like the choice of Ben Affleck for Nick Dunne in the screen adaption of "Gone Girl" (I have only seen the trailer). Everyone in the cast, actually, except for Neil Patrick Harris as Desi Collings and Sela Ward as Sharon Schieber. Character Sharon, in my opinion, is more warm and sensual. And the guy who plays Jeff is a bit off - I portraited him as older. Maybe the casting has to do with the usual Hollywood age discrimination; or maybe he, after all, was described as younger in the book and I portraited him too quickly in my head. But - of course you want to hear about the story! And the story is great. Too slow in the beginning compared to the rapid page-turning at the end, when the twists start to come. Counting roughly, after the "main" twist in the plot became apparent, there also was twist two, three, four, five and six. There were also about three "twists" before the main twist, if they at all can be called twists before the main twist is revealed. Far from all books keeps up the suspension to the last word - this one does indeed. Let us abstain from giving it a rating on a scale of five numbers and just say it is worth the reading if you like suspension and can handle a sparce amount of blood in written texts.

Disclaimer: I have, unfortunately, only read Flynn's books in Swedish. I had waited to read "Gone Girl", in particular, in English - but then we got books for free at work and I grabbed it like a hawk and then it was too late. Maybe next time!

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