Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Summer in Belgium

This is such a dreamy photo that I am reluctant to publish it, but if I do not, I would erase it sooner or later and it would not serve as dreamy inspiration anymore. This is northern Europe at sunset.
Over to the Belgian countryside - this is very dreamy for me, too. In any avenue, I am facinated about how old all the trees are and at the back of my head a new fairytale starts to form.
This is a splendid view at the end of the road: cropland-another cropland-woods-more, different cropland-village. I long  for a system camera which could show all this better.
We had grilled duck which is a bit softer in taste than chicken, but I am not sure if I would tell the two apart in a taste bud test.
Belgian summer has barely started (it can get 40 degrees Celsius certain summer days) but is way ahead of the Swedish summer. 
So now I got this year's first sun burn!

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