Sunday, 3 May 2015

Museum Mission: Aquaria and Nemo's close and distant relatives

This weekened I learned by my very own empirical observations that seahorses are social with their tails! They hold on to each other with it and hang out or use it to balance themselves when for example eating dinner. Aquaria vattenmuseum / Aquaria watermuseum has a seahorse-focused exhibition at the moment if you want to go and see for youself!
And this is a real jellyfish. The striped background comes from striped lamps. Some jellyfish always swim upside down because they are in symbiosis with algeas, which need sunlight!
This starfish really looked like it was sun bathing but under water, very relaxed (and probably quite tied to the ground by its many suckers underneath). Next to it is an orange sea apple.
Every now and then, there would be thunder and night in the rain forest part of this watermuseum - and then a quick artificial sunrise and daylight again. But the coolest part was probably what I and Silvia missed: the spitting fish, that spits out water when it is fed in order to digest it better. Well, maybe next time!

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