Wednesday, 13 May 2015

An almost-café that I can recommend

A friend and I decided to drop in at Ulfsunda castle for a coffee. Not that they have an officially existing café announced on their web page, but not trusting the web page enough we went in and asked for a coffee and the staff was super nice to us whilst improvising a solution. 
They put together this afternoon tea composition for us, which was litterally selected pieces from the still ongoing brunch.
While waiting, I went on a non-guided exploring tour. The castle stems from 1644, said the mantelpiece and an outer wall, and is now owned by a design company, which, as we understand it, uses the common rooms as show rooms for wallpapers and furniture placement.
I do not think there was a single corner that was not cozy. In the staircase, there even was a living tree hanging in the air. "Avatar!", as C. said when I sent her an image.
With a buzzing city directly outside!

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