Sunday, 26 April 2015

Culture night!

Saturday evening started with a samba parade: dancers with rich, tall, red and yellow plumes attached to shining tiaras, golden high heels - and almost non-existent dresses inbetween. Surrounded by lots of people, at least they did not seem to freeze on their way to the Dance museum.
Friends brought friends along and after the parade was over, off we went to Gamla stan to see "my" decoration.
 I made at least six of the frames, all visible from this angle! :) Pens are hanging from the ceiling, inviting people to write what they think of Sweden today.
Next, our tight schedule brought us to Kristinehovs malmgård.
Here, we saw many beautiful dresses from the 1700's and partly got to listen to a historical lecture.
From then on, our ways parted: some of us went to Bromska palatset and some of us liked the place so much that we hung around some more.
"Like we talk about the weather, what did one talk about back then?" I asked. "About politics...philosophy...Ladies' task was to find a husband, so she would ask him questions", they explained. And as I found out later: dances gave a good opportunity to touch the other sex, and the wider a dress was, the richer the lady - a wide dress would make it hard for her to do any kind of work at home, meaning she had the money to hire someone to do those kinds of tasks.
1700's meets the 2000's: I hold a fan; the lady a cellphone.
And how great is not this? A blurry, "everyday" image from another time!
Tuning in the making. Sadly, we missed both this concert and the dance that started later that night -
but we got to visit Stigbergets borgarrum, the Indian ambassador's home and try out a SELFIEBOX. You know those photo machines, often used to take passport photos?! Let us get back to that. 

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