Tuesday, 28 April 2015


Do you remember (well, they still exist - but they are not as frequent) photo machines? A Selfiebox is exactly that, but I suppose it is faster and one can choose between colour or black and white. This one was placed at the Alanda Express station during the culture night, so the strips have tiny ads with that theme at the bottom, but it does not bother me at all - it actually contributes to the memory. I totally get why people like having them at parties!

Sunday, 26 April 2015

Culture night!

Saturday evening started with a samba parade: dancers with rich, tall, red and yellow plumes attached to shining tiaras, golden high heels - and almost non-existent dresses inbetween. Surrounded by lots of people, at least they did not seem to freeze on their way to the Dance museum.
Friends brought friends along and after the parade was over, off we went to Gamla stan to see "my" decoration.
 I made at least six of the frames, all visible from this angle! :) Pens are hanging from the ceiling, inviting people to write what they think of Sweden today.
Next, our tight schedule brought us to Kristinehovs malmgård.
Here, we saw many beautiful dresses from the 1700's and partly got to listen to a historical lecture.
From then on, our ways parted: some of us went to Bromska palatset and some of us liked the place so much that we hung around some more.
"Like we talk about the weather, what did one talk about back then?" I asked. "About politics...philosophy...Ladies' task was to find a husband, so she would ask him questions", they explained. And as I found out later: dances gave a good opportunity to touch the other sex, and the wider a dress was, the richer the lady - a wide dress would make it hard for her to do any kind of work at home, meaning she had the money to hire someone to do those kinds of tasks.
1700's meets the 2000's: I hold a fan; the lady a cellphone.
And how great is not this? A blurry, "everyday" image from another time!
Tuning in the making. Sadly, we missed both this concert and the dance that started later that night -
but we got to visit Stigbergets borgarrum, the Indian ambassador's home and try out a SELFIEBOX. You know those photo machines, often used to take passport photos?! Let us get back to that. 

Friday, 24 April 2015

Follow the flowers

As Culture night (Kulturnatten) is tomorrow, a tip! Nyckelviksskolan has an exhibition that lasts even till the day after tomorrow. Exhibition is nice in itself, but the location adds up the cozyness. And to get here, one really can follow the flowers from Lidingö centrum

Below, some of my favourites or "wow-ers" (for different reasons).
The cathegories are foremost cheramics, metal, textile and drawings - all made by the art students.
Delicious and/or gorgeous-looking pastry and proper food are available to a rather low cost. The beauty above is actually something I read about the other day and wanted to do myself, but it turned out to look much better than in tasted. Instead, I can recommend the special cake that the local chef invented on the occasion of the school's 60th birthday.

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

My cup of tea

There is a trick. Instead of admitting that you are a coffee addict and drink maybe up to eight cups a day, you can get a mug that contains all that in one go and just have one or two a day. For comparison with other people's cups, see above. Correction: seen slightly from the side, as "above" would be like looking into a yellow well.
It now happens that I do not drink coffee at all, so I had chocolate tea (it exists! A Kusmi tea brand that convices sceptics once they smell it), and my tea experience with this mug went better than expected: the amount of tea keeps the tea warmer for a longer time than in a smaller cup. Good to know!

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

The Advantages of Gifts planned long ahead

Last year, I found a birthday gift for November in August, which might be my record in good planning. This year, I even have a shelf entirely dedicated to gifts purchased in advance: the redbluepinksilver one is a book bargain made in February aimed for June; the navy blue gift with stars is a game to be handed over in May, while the pink gift are luxury candles that, when melted, can be used as a massage oil - M. go them last weekend. Her husband, in turn, gave me a wild strawberry plant to grow.

In my opinon, gifts should never be rushed. I have tried to apply that philosophy at Christmas, spreading the word about that for one thing, I am ok with not getting gifts from everybody and that I prefer not getting anything over making people visiting shops just to find something for me to have. Second, I let finding gifts to friends and family take time in order to make sure it is something what I am proud to give and that will be very useful or make the receiver happy. Preferrably both. 
Last winter, Ilo gave me a special gift task: as a birthday gift and Christmas gift combined, I had to find a book that has had a great impact on me or has meant a lot. Christmas passed long ago, and so did her birthday - but I had a long time to continue looking, just as we agreed. Here it is! (Wrapped in a paper of a brand that brags about recycling and decorated with a ribbon bought on 75 % sale just after Christmas season was over - a sell-out well worth the investment.)
 What I finally went for was "To Kill a Mockingbird" by Harper Lee, but it took me another month before I could settle for a decent cover. I partly liked the fact that it was Lee's only work and a classic. While I was making up my mind about it, news came: "Go set a Watchman" was written before the Mockingbird novel and will be published on July 14th, 2015. Even better.
And the especially tailored gift contains yet another gift inside :)

Sunday, 19 April 2015

Petite France (Little France)

A nice place where to go to have a coffee or a lunch is Petite France at Kungsholmen. My recommendation is to opt for the popular pastries, they are the most tasty ones. And if you like, you can chat with the staff in French!

Friday, 17 April 2015

"Happy weekend", goes Stockholm's underground

Travelers are otherwise used to see information about delays, so this "happy weekend"-message is good for the image :-) 

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

String Theory

It is like my fingers are never enough, and when they are, they do not occupy enough space on the guitar to make it sound right! But - Silvia found a really useful webpage for chords - chordfind, hehe - so we at least tried to compete in changing the between the simplest chords as quickly as we could whilst skyping. It took like FOREVER between the A minor and the A Major.

One of the simpler guitar songs to play is Offspring's "Why don't you get a job", see chords above. Reminds me of my childhood! They were quite popular back then.

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Museum Mission: at Ivar Lo-Johansson's home

Ivar Lo-Johansson (1901-1990) was a very productive Swedish writer who had his office on the same floor as his apartment - but not wall to wall, because "that is too close". What you see above is the apartment he used as his office, just the way he left it. Clothes are hanging in the hallway and looked so natural that it tricked me into hanging my bag on a hook as well!
Just across the fourth floor was his actual apartment (and the park outsides now carries his name). Here he would wake up, have breakfast and work the entire day almost nextwalls. His works are, if one would generalize, about the working class and values, norms and problems in our society - still unresolved and hot topics today. His novel "Kungsgatan" is the book Stockholm's biggest book club is reading this year.
When he found out that his first love died and was buried at Skogskyrkogården, he changed the will so that he would be buried there as well. Forever together - even in the afterlife. "Very poetic of him", I said. "That is the way he was", commented the guide.
And this is a poetic piece of wood: famous authors from that time carved their names in the kitchen table, which now serves as a canvas.
Since this is an actual apartment, this is a museum inside which you can take a shower. Or cook. Or both.
The name of the museum is straightforward: Ivar Lo-museet, or The Museum of Ivar Lo, and is situated at Södermalm.

Monday, 13 April 2015

Bon appétit !

I just remembered the true story about a friend's colleague who never cooks the same meal twice. He always looks up new recipes and can very well use the same ingredients, but without repeating himself (and apparently succeeds every time?). That takes quite a passion. I am in no way near that; I just bought the first alcohol in my life - to cook with, aiming for an Italian pasta dish with salsiccia and parsil. So far, it seems to turn out quite well! If not, I am saved by dessert: yoghurt ice cream with caramelized honey.

Spring air in a race for warmer degrees

It was a bit windy at the harbour this Sunday :) Could it be a new term for the weather forecast - hair dryer day?