Monday, 30 March 2015

Jolly Clean Roger

This cool skull is a soap! I made it this Sunday, and a lip balm. I also lost/forgot where I put both, so a kind soul at work will pehaps localize them so that I can retrieve them.

UPDATE: ten days later, this soap is mine again! Somebody gave it a mustacchio, so now it looks even more lilke a pirate.

Sunday, 29 March 2015

How to dress to match a plasma ball.

Pink is a good colour, and purple. You might get electrocuted, I was.
Photo by Moritz.

Saturday, 28 March 2015

Styled Champagne Soup

"Why eat the food when you can take pictures of it?" we said and laughingly tried to style this image as much as possible, tilting the ladle in fancy ways and pouring the soup out slowly. This was a bouillabaisse, the white wine replaced with champagne to reinforce the taste of the fennel, and part of making some of us practice eating seafood. Well, some of us still have quite a long way to go, but the dinner was very, very nice anyway grace to the very, very nice company. Not only was I (erronously) mistaken for being a Nobel laureate, I also got to speak some Japanese!

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Best of Facebook: Drawing with sunlight and a Message from the Unicorns

I follow this group called "I Fucking Love Science". Each note is like news entirely focused on science and that is awesome.
Starting early. (This image is part of a nice collection with other fathers being super cute with their children.)
Drawing with sun or drawing with a magnyfying glass - whichever sounds most poetic :)
 And I find the following three diagrams pretty accurate.

Ah! That explains it all.

Monday, 23 March 2015

At an altitude

When Kaknästornet is in collaboration with the clouds, it gives a good view of Stockholm at about 135 meters of altitude (my estimation - the entire tower is 155 meters and visitors can not get up that high). This day, it was not, and shortly after this photos were taken, it started snowing.
Can you believe that this is Stockholm? But it is! This is the direction in which the ferryboat goes to Helsinki, Riga and Tallinn. To the right, you see parts of one of my favourite islands (and probably, the favourite of most Stockholmers and almost everybody else's): Djurgården.
In the other direction, there are ferryboats too - but also a proper harbor (the other boats are "parked" in a fancy way next to the Old town) - and the island of Lidingö. If possible, I might go to the archipelagos there with David for a photoshoot when it gets warmer. 
And a sum-up of the centre of Stockholm: in front, the embassys (not really visible but just outside the left part of the frame), the museums, the City Hall and the rest :)

Saturday, 21 March 2015

Dressed with nudes

My friend Ilo made this dress that makes you take a second look and defines "awesome"! :) She even created the print, which stems from several croquis occasions earlier this spring. 

Friday, 20 March 2015

Look out the window if you live in the nothern hemisphere!

A solar eclipse is going on right now and can be seen by those who live between Scotland and possibly Finland. My colleague just shouted: "Let's all go and look at the solar eclipse - then we will start the class" - possibly the best way of starting a class! :)

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Ljunglöfska slottet.

Recently, I overheard castles in western Stockholm being discussed and somebody mentioned the castle of Ljunglöf. That would be a pleasant surprise - there is a castle that I have missed? 
Technically, a castle is only a castle when a royalty has resided there for a longer time (well, with plenty of exceptions. Plenty of royalties only came to visit the places that were built for them like once in the summer or had the time to die before getting there at all). This makes Ljunglöfska more of a mansion, built as a summer house in 1893 by the owner of the second largest tobacco fabric in Europe. Gorgeous anyway, of course, and still in use. There is a pub-get-together there this Thursday, for example, following the concept of "trångt och trevligt" (crowdy and cozy).

"The point of this shit"

I missed Nina Åkestams blog so much - she does not blog anymore - that I bought her book. Nina is a feminist with gumptious ideas and views, these days a researcher at the Stockholm School of Economics on the advertisements' effects on people and society. She is the reason to why I these days recommend people who ask to choose a carreer based on what the person wants to do, not to be - titles can be very misleading. In Swedish, Åkestam's book is called "Meningen med hela skiten", where the "skit"- shit - actually refers to "it all". Like, "this shit". My translation of the title is hence a little rough but nevertheless true.

I like the style of Nina's writing. It is easy to read, her points are spot on even in the most complex of situations and she seems very present in the text, as if we two were having a conversation. Basically, she tells the reader about her life and some important insights about what really matters and why so. Like, if you pretend to meet you future self at 85 years - what are you happy about to have done when you look back? That, too, gives a bigger perspective of that some things just will not be important in a few years time. The other examples she brings up are also very relevant, like the report about statistics regarding equableness made by the Swedish agency SCB. All in all: as long as we keep bringing up equality on the agenda, is because we have not reached equality yet. That makes talking and reading about it even more important.

Monday, 16 March 2015

Almost like bottle post

The other day, I was making vellum paper (C., I had you in mind, I suspect you will like the dinosaurs!) and an acquintance was very confused. It took him in fact more than two, possibly three, hours to realize that I was going to send it by actual mail. Once he grasped that, he himself immediately designed a letter-paper himself to a bunch of German friends and took a lot of inspiration from me (but who would not, those glitter stripes were lovely).

But let us talk about Brazil.

Lygia, it took your letter almost two months to reach me! It it so much fun to read "happy belated New year" when spring is almost settling. So to make a New year's wish on time, I shall remember to send mine in October :) 

Sunday, 15 March 2015

Starting early (weekend course for kids)

The nine-years-olds cheered unisonally when I suggested to read out loud from this chemistry book. In English, they did not take an explanation of the first law of thermodynamics that well. They got to choose another page number between four and 1325, and this time I translated the difference between effusion and diffusion in Swedish - which made them very, very happy.

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Friendship ♡

Me (ten minutes too early): I am at the meeting spot!
Friend: I am coming!!
Me: but there is no need to hurry :-)
Friend: Yes there is! I want to be with you! And also ask a styling question ;D

Monday, 9 March 2015

Pizza Party Magic Night

When I was on vacation the weekend before the previous week, I had a pizza-get-together. Friends brought topping, I contributed with some dough and dough art. E. even said she might start a Youtube-channel with me baking. Let us assume it is a good thing.
Chic even when about to cook.
Apparently, a pizza can look like a tropical forest. Its predecessor was dropped on the floor, rinsed, put back in the oven again and eaten. Everybody survived.
More food inspiration. Moments later, J.L. would be holding the latest issue of Charlie Hebdo in his hands - the closest I have gotten to an actual copy so far.
Then we went over to a student corridor to party with a DJ and 90 other people, of which I knew quite a few. 
Some became more than friends.
It was a nice and dangerous party: I got the dance started and people would not stop, myself included. I went to sleep after 4 a.m. and was very, very happy.

And here it is up to you to imagine a simply great image that Ian says I can not publish. Key words: French Polish guy dressed in warm colours, smiling, fight, floor, Ian underneath the French Polish guy in the slightly less artistic of fight ways with legs pointing five to eight o'clock.

Sunday, 8 March 2015

Hello, sun! Please stay.

This photo is taken shortly after 12 delightful degrees became 10 delightful degress. I consider it the first official spring day in my habitation area. 
Let us hope we can pretend it is pre-summer long enough.

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Museum Mission: Stockholms läns museum

At Dieselverkstaden, a building in Nacka filled with culture, you can find Stocholms läns museum / Stockholm County Museum, which is for free. I strongly recommend its webpage - it is an encylopedia of Stockholm with surroundings. Its base is in Swedish, however.
Graffiti is almost always an important ingredient of a town, showing subcultures and how young people express themselves and claim their right to the city. Modern grafittiers must also be tweeting, no? # is acually called hashtag, and a tag is the name of the graffiti logotype of an artist...
Best part: I gave this lady a phone call. Always wanted to speak to a person from previous centuries. This was more of a one-way conversation but still, I found out that Marie Sofia de la Gardie never got remarried on purpose, in order to keep her independence thoughout all her life.
In all, I liked the urban litterature in this museum's shop - in a way, it is groundbreaking, like Ruben Wätte's book about terra pericolosa. I also see a potential in making this museum a contemporary reflection of the county - involving young people in showing what graffitti means to them is part of that - but it is not really there yet.

Monday, 2 March 2015

Sun does magic. Again.

Today, I carefully opened my job's front door. The sun was shining and I stepped out...without freezing. I sat on a bench. I looked around. Still snow heaps here and there, pupils walking by in warm jackets (one of them was waving) and I was.not.freezing! Each year, I manage to forget what warm days feel like and when I was sitting there, I swear I could scent the smell of an early summer day.

Photo: David Härenstam.