Thursday, 26 February 2015

Snickarbacken 7

Magic coffee, if one is to trust the label, and a fine soup, if one is to trust my tastebuds, are all to be found at Snickarbacken in Östermalm. The café is found in a calm place and also contains a clothing store.
It is so far quite secret as it is squeezed in at the end of a lane, so just keep walking straight till you see it on the left side  - or your right if you come walking down the stairs :)

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Monday, 23 February 2015

Museum Mission: Spårvagnsmuseet

Among still-standing buses and chariots there is a mini-train that cruises through the exhibitions at Spårvägsmuseet / Stockholm Transport Museum which I last sat in at the age of...12? 15 years later, I (still) LOVE it. 

This museum is soon changing locations, to a more northern part of Stockholm in about two years - Hjorthagen, which in my opinion takes away two advantages: 1) already being in what used to be a depot and 2) having an actual depot with buses on the floor above. And perhaps 3), one will not be able to walk through Spårvagnsmuseet into the next museum, The Toy Museum Stockholm. (That, in turn, might cease to exist altogether if the migration takes place.)
Anyway, I like this museum. The premises are well used and many of the vehicles are authentic and therefore are simultatenously cool and dangerous: what happens if I touch...this? Did real people sit in here ninety-four years ago?
I probably appreciate the past of Stockholm and Stockholmian locations more now, being aware of more details than before. I am therefore biased when I say that the short historical overview, maps and photos in black and white of new buildings in a rapidly growing city, all made more understandable with an auduio guide, was very good. So: to me, it seemed inviting and incited me to continue looking for what happened in history next.
I do, however, think this is a museum that is best enjoyed by children, small enough to be overwhelmed by the size of buses and other forms of transport, and adults, overwhelmed by the aforementioned's joy. And engineers, for a nostalgic throwback?
[One of the] most memorable objects is the metallic skeleton of a horse in a stable. Too hard to photograph with my photo equipment, but very attention-catching if you like animals and humour.
This is real stuff!

This being sort of haute couture in the 1870's, I believe, would unfortunately not be as easy to wear on today's public transports!..

Sunday, 22 February 2015

My Own Astronomical Discoveries

Tonight, on the sky! May I present: Venus, Mars and the moon seen bright in a somehow diagonal row for maybe another half an hour (Stockholmian view). Venus and Mars are so close they seem to be holding hands :) Uranus, that my application Google Sky Map also shows, is too far away to be seen with the human eye; nevertheless present.
I discovered this by simply observing our beloved northern hemisphere when stepping off the train. First, I mistook the bright right spot to be Jupiter, but then I saw Jupiter itself on its for this season usual spot when I turned around.
Planets are often missed out because one often believes everything up there that shines are big stars. My blurry image does not in any way represent the luminiscence in a correct way, but still gives a hunch of that some objects are just hard to (and too cool to) miss. 

The moon has since Wednesday night also been in a black mode - a so-called Black moon. (Here you can see images of the moon's different disguises.) Well, now you can see the menisk growing, so it is technically not a Black moon altogehter anymore, but the remaning part that is not lit up and that is usually not seen at all is now not completely invisible.
Do take a look!

Friday, 20 February 2015

Today I was a poisoned watered hole...

...or a billabong, as they say in Australia. I also was a bottle of a soft drink called Pommac in the second scene. And I was lying on the stage, in a very improvised heap with my other colleagues when the script told us to die.

In other words, I took part in an improvisation play. It was fun. But I prefer to watch, because I can see more if I sit in the audience. 

Thursday, 19 February 2015

Chick flickR.

As in "flicker through". I have done it again, for the second time in three years - bought a magazine targeting females. It is like a picture bok for women, with many large images with and without messages. One of these messages litterally was "women are back." Back from where? The civilization, which they have been fighting for their feministic rights?
And when indulging on the colourful images on the train in search for something that looks beautiful and seems comfortable as well, I discovered that a colleague was sitting nextseats. I invited him over and he, too, was not impressed by the abscence of substance of content. The most horrid part, of those I read that is, except for the women are back-message, was the interview with the actor Eddie Redmayne. He had FORGOTTEN about an incestuous scene in a movie where he played a part and only remembered it when it was too late - his little brothers and parents were already minutes, if not seconds, from seeing it on the screen at the London premiere. The author of the article attributes that as targeting the genious: "That this only occured to him so late in the day suggests a talent in full flow, unconcerned with self-censorship." Forgetting about an incest scene until it is too late is everything but evidence for being genious.

But the uncomfortable clothes are beautiful.
All photos taken from the Ferbuary issue of Harper's Bazaar.

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Paradisbaden or << Les thermes du Paradis >>

This book easily passed my book test, so I quickly decided to read it both in Swedish and French. I might wait with the original language after all, but in Swedish (translated by AlexandrA Dumas (!)) it gave me about four hours with perhaps five cute laughters and a good mood. It is a bit about dead people, but mostly about love and life. All funny, of course, and well written in one of those easy manners. And however charming, I think I hate Rose. And I wonder if I would have wanted to be friends with Adèle. Probably. I bet a movie based on this book is already on its way.

Monday, 16 February 2015

"...just a bunch of graphs."

One of the dilemmas about academia is the performance.

I sat next to a colleague, B., whom I took interest in as I am always curious to know how my colleagues' carreers are going, and he explained that his thesis on sustainable development has been resting for a while, or ongoing for some time, if one puts it that way.

How so?

The data he is using on the energy efficiency on a house is not enough, as the house always is in a shadow and one can never fully know its capacity.

Can you not change houses?

No, so much data has been collected already.

Can you not start over to make the data more useful?

No [long explanation]. Short explanation: he lives in that house.

Ah. So when do you expect to carry out your results?

Hard to say, as the motivation is not that high. To get a master's degree, one has to finish a long project which renders a pass or a fail and which, once published as an article, nobody reads. Many of his friends are stuck up to their knees in the mud of the methods, theories and other tools a thesis must contain - and in the end it is just a bunch of graphs that can be interpreted in so many ways, depending on which variables that are used and how. All that makes them feel to be carried away too much from the project itself. B. himself says he prefers to be able to do something hands-on and really be able to actually affect and change the world somehow than prioritizing to finish his degree; a job within ones frame of interest can be obtained anyway and there are other ways than pursuing the academia path.

[Here I disagree and say that with the right methods and the right theories, a project can very well be made sense of and that any disagreements with the academia standards on how to present results can be written in an appendix. Yeah, B. says, but then it does not show until the appendix. I add that there must be other, permitted ways of making sense of a project without stretching it too far; integrating a more personalized view in the text itself and motivating why that is being done could be one way in. B. stays sceptic, but open for specific suggestions.]

Other dilemmas of academia: the time. The goals. The context. The setting.

K. has been doing research withing the field of physics for 4.5 years and only now is she getting a hunch of how stuff works. She is hardcore, good at what she does, has been to CERN back and forth a few times, but the hard part about research is to be able to see a pattern among many other patterns and to choose what to focus on, and not the least, how to focus on that. Many of the researchers litterally sit in a corner by themselves and write, not exactly wanting to be disturbed. That is not transparent when it comes to sharing progress and ideas and very unwelcoming for new talents that enter the research field and basically have to reinvent the wheel all by themselves - rarely a good thing.

[Conferences can be a solution to how to make it easier to exchange ideas and bring research forward together. Conferences can, however, be very different depending much on how they are organized - by whom and for whom. At conferences, which one has to perhaps cross the planet to attend, people still have little time to present what they are working on, but at least they communicate with colleagues within the same field in some other part of the world on their progresses and shortcomings. And little by little, we are again - hopefully - encouraged to continue exploring the unexplored.]

Saturday, 14 February 2015

Red Paris and such

One beautiful thing about Valentine's [consumption] day, I have to admit, is the flower collections. Red Paris that is found almost everywhere now is not my favourite rose though, if not for the name; I like Variegata di Bologna, which looks like the polkagris candy. 
Another beautiful and not at all related thing about life is lamps. Turns out, good lamps are very hard to find. The trendy ones are low-hanging brass-covered creations, like this one or this - they are more bulb and design than anything. The options are cool sticks with lampshades, but I am not fond of those; then I am left with either spotligths, which are too much spot and too little other light, or the ones that looke like they are glued to the ceiling and are a mixage between a white plate and a UFO. I DO love lamps, but it is always the consumer's dilemma to find exactly what he/she wants and not just walk in and buy what is available, however beautiful it is.

Friday, 13 February 2015

Earth versurs Space. So to speak.

I think the video is at its best from 4.21 and onward. The filmmaker, aka the German astronaut, geophysicist and volcanogist Alexander Gerst, is already back on this planet's surface after his six months long space mission in 2014.

Thursday, 12 February 2015

It is in the details

Heading back from a meeting on pedagogics in Uppsala,  I am yet again convinced about the multiple applications of post-its. These sticky notes are good for so many purposes! One exercise that can be used in a playful way is about handing out a yellow and a red sticky note each in a small group of people and only let everybody to speak once (yellow note) and be able to leave a comment (red note). If it works, the shy participants will have a better chance to speak up and the chatterbox ones will have to evaluate what the most important things that they want to say are.

Tuesday, 10 February 2015


We had doubts, as the weather forecast clearly said: no skates on the ice. Upon our arrival then, a huge snowplow was happily strolling back and forth on the ice, so some of us went straight away to have a picknick on the middle of the lake.
The bigger lake (Ulvsundasjön or Tranebergssund, depending on where you look), with connections to the inland sea, was less frozen on what one could call the other side of the bridge. One could also go on further and claim there was spring in the air, but I know there are at least three actual months left: I had the same hopes about spring in April last year on the blog :)

Saturday, 7 February 2015

Celebrating my perennial existence.

There was quite some drama involved this year. A person tried to give me another person as a gift (!), I still had not recovered from the coughing and I arrived last to my own celebration because I did not get the road numbers right and the road turned, it was not straight as the other normal roads that stick to their original direction all the way though.
"For your ego", Luc said and gave me my intials.
I also got sustainable lamps from Louise and a secret box that looks like a book, but not to hide alcohol inside. It is to hide letters.

Sunday, 1 February 2015

Museum Mission: Polismuseet

Here I am trying out new identities. Mirror, mirror on the wall... The Police Museum / Polismuseet. From here, you can go on a police car trip for real, or sit inside one without leaving the museum. All in all, this is a good place to visit if you are thinking of becoming a police and would like to find out more. To begin with, actual students from the Swedish National Police Academy can answer your questions right at the entrance!
This phone kept ringing as if this was a real police office. Once you lift the receiver, different voices will be reporting ongoing crimes. There were many phone calls, giving visitors - us - a bad conscience if we did not pick up, so we withdrawed rather quickly to the other parts of the exhibitions.
Crime scenes to investigate and reflect upon - could there be several outcomes?
There is an air of seriousness in this museum which I have not felt anywhere else, even though the setting reminds me very much of Tullmuseet (and the interiour design was not made by the same team, I asked). Perhaps it has to do with the subject, that the visitor get to face a close-up of the law and what revolves around it.