Saturday, 31 January 2015

Early Breakfast at Mellqvist's

Here it is! One of the nice cafés I have been looking for in town. When I used to study in Uppsala, I would pass by this place on my way to the train and look at these tempting options:
So today I went. Cozy and crowded, haussed prices but nice food. Louise suggested I should rate the place by giving it a number of stars as in a food guide, but I think it is better to say that we both wanted to come back to try out more from the meny and that the staff seemed pretty happy.

Friday, 30 January 2015

Best of Facebook. Glitter and moons.

The events around Charlie Hebdo have left few unnoticed; here are two of the many reactions that went viral.

This one even hangs in one of my school's classrooms.

And over to teaching in northern Sweden: "Help us to share this image to show our students at The Plus High School how fast an image can get spread on the internet." No problems.
I am quite fond of this design. "What is the clock?" "It is this o'clock." Modernistic Dali-style.
I am convinced these guys should hang out with each other more.

And not the least! Glitter.Can now be shipped to your enemies. (Or friends.)

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Omg omg book club. seems to have two members so far, me and S., and we have till March to read a book by the Finnish author Märta Tikkanen which caused such a controversy in Finland but was applauded in Sweden. I intend to read everything by her in time - Tikkanens language seems so amazing and she truly lived a love story.

Sunday, 25 January 2015

Outside the red box, and inside

A not-yet-winter day best spent wearing layers of coats, I and David Härenstam decided to go for a fashion shoot in Liljeholmen. What this photo does not depict, as you can deduce, is the feeling of just having gotten back from an outfit change on the top of Mount Everest. It does, however, depict the fashionable crop, to use fashion industry words, at this glittery top's back. Ladies and gentlemen, I here present one of the coolest garments that I posess.

Thursday, 22 January 2015

Life update in Winterland

Today, I strongly reduced my chances of getting cervical cancer. At least the three out of seven most common types (I think that is not too far from the accurate numbers) and only for ten years ahead. By then it will be time for juicy syringes again. (They are not juicy, they are actually pretty cool and look like the lovechild of a space rocket and Empire state building.) Till the age of 27, one can get cervical cancer vaccinations for free in Stockholm (and up to what I think is 26 in the rest of the country), so I take my chances to if not postpone death so at least the pain. And you? All good?

Saturday, 17 January 2015

Safe trip to Chile, Yerko!

For those of you who know Guisheng, this is a hilarious photo.
...and along came Anders :)
This was such a good party. Everybody was happy and after midnight people having parties in the other corridors in the building started coming to us.
Johanna partly made this earring herself. Do you agree with that it reminds of a tattoo?
"Being young in the 21st century" - spot on.
Yerko had to hit this pinata blindfolded, causing colourful candy to rain on us.
Ian took some of us aside and handed out printed instructions to annoy Yerko.
My anti-date for the night. And can you spot the non-alcoholic beverage vessel? That would be mine.

Sunday, 11 January 2015

My new favourite artists - and popcorn

The art school Ilo is attending had a vernissage this week - such a good opportunity to point at things and say "These I despise" or "How adorable, I like the colours." I so happened to point at the works of three artists, and came up with the idea to take a photo of all of them at once. Here they are! Perhaps famous artists in a couple of years. From left to right: Isabella, Stephanie and Linnea.
And a nude by Ilo!
They also served the best popcorn I have ever had at the vernissage. They felt like velvet in my hands and were just perfect. One of the students who poured up more of them in a bowl tried to tell me which brand it was (Coop), but I was certain about it was not the brand but the "popper". 

Saturday, 10 January 2015


All of a sudden the wind whipped large snowflakes targeting my cheeks when I left work this afternoon. My front was covered in a thick layer of snow so I could be mistaken for a snow woman or an ad for Sweden in winter. But a few more hours, and it all will have melted away.

Thursday, 8 January 2015

More of the The Magic Pants

Here you see a magic hand bag from H&M. I have used it as a suitcase when packing for Poland and for France, so without being enormous or losing its elegancy, it is quite spacious. Below, you also see more of my aforementioned trousers! They move like a small, smooth wave around my legs when I move. Sometimes, very practical.

Photographer: David Härenstam.

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Enlighted without a cord

Juuuust optics on my left side. I was so surprised when I lifted up the candlestick with horses - I could carry is just like that, without falling on or searching for where to plug in the cord. How refreshing! 

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

"Kids' Science Day"

Today is a holiday in Sweden (I was one of them who did not know due to my international old school calendar with no such thing marked out), meaning parents and grand parents are going to places with children and grand children without being in a rush.

A former colleague of mine told us a story once. She clearly remembered that she had at the age of 6 taken the fight at pre-school about claiming her right to a toy she had made herself, which another girl claimed to be the owner of out of jealousy. My colleague laughed at this as a sad episode, as she finds it a pity to be a perfectly functioning individual already at that age (and that it yet took so long to grow up).

One could wonder where that cleverness and individuality goes. Some children change completely because of life, and because of school. But that apart, I heard some of those kids, probably aged five and five, speak today. And would you believe how self-aware, thoughtful and cunning they were! A girl was practically discussing metabolism sitting on her mother's lap (she said words like "bowel" and asked about the organs' interconnection and function). And a boy, leaving the train platform with his father, set up a theory and made a simplistic estimation of what stops a train and how.

Seeing this, I have faith in the future generation.