Sunday, 30 November 2014

Museum Mission: Tattoos and Export at Sjöhistoriska museet

My guess is that the Maritime Museum is very important to seafarers, the way a bar serves as a connection point for people to meet over a drink. This also goes for anybody who did the military services at the maritime section or, well, likes boats - this is a place to comment on warfare boats and to tell grandchildren stories about the boats they see. I know I make it sound more magical than it is, but this is the impression I got during this Sunday visit, as well as after reading about the urge for this museum to be opened. It had in fact been discussed for over 40 years that there should be a museum of this kind before it finally opened in 1938, and the sailors (?) look very proud on the photos from the opening day.
It is a nice building, with some objects to open and enter and touch. I did not expect the steering wheel to make so many sounds, it was almost ghostlike! But then, of course it makes sounds, how could I have missed that, it is wood moving according to the laws of mechanics...
And Buffalo Bill made it to the exhibition about tattoos! Did you know that he also was a circus mananger? According to Wikipedia, he was the most famous person during the end of the 1900's - queen Victoria came on second place. Mind you, this was before the internetz!
The gound floor section at the entrance was in particular tasteful.
In a way, it is facinating that none of these sailor knew they would end up unmortalized in a museum a fraction of a century later.
Just as there is a black box for aircrafts, there is a buoy for submarines that is released in case of emergency and sends out GPS and AIS signals once it reaches the surface. In the begining of this century, there was a Russian submarine that sank near Sweden and Sweden offered to help - so it is possible to save a submarine in distress. However, Russia declined the service, the crew died and there were speculations about a mistake that could have led to war (the space for missiles was open somehow and filled with water, which is the same as making a cannon ready) and that the submarine had been detected by the Americans, which was a complication in itself. Well. Underwater business is probably not easy.


I immediately wanted to see this ballet when I learned that the story takes place both off the stage and on the stage. Would we, the audience, actually get to see what it looks like behind the scenes?

The answer is that there were several solutions. The backdrop was a mirror image of this golden room with red velvet seats, including its signature lamp that you see below, and at one point the dancers were performing in front of this mirror hall - with their backs turned to us. Showing "rehearsal" - ballet students practicing under the supervision of a strict lady in black as part of the plot - it for once became visible that some dance moves are very painful, which otherwise is forbidden for dancers to show on stage.
This ballet is only performed throughout December and the last days of November - the premiere was yesterday! I really liked the dresses and the backstage perspective, even though it was not a brilliantly syncronized performance this time. Perhaps the major cast were students from the Royal Ballet academy?

Saturday, 29 November 2014

Sound of Space. Science vs. Bible in a totally fair artistic fight.

 "See you next time", said this man and shook my hand after I approached him with my camera. I have never, never, EVER, been thus giggly girly in my entire life. Concert was about singing the Bible in German, in contrast to the preceding lecture (!) about astronomy and music of the space (!!). I got so much inspiration to my music componing and for my writing this night - and a graveyard joke. Thank you, S. ;)

Thursday, 27 November 2014

My daily uniform, if I were to pick one

These trousers and these shoes are my steady companions. Footwear is like Converse, but better-looking and comfortable and have glitter on them at the front. Trousers - well, what can I say, they are a living traffic light. Some of my students adore them, people I pass by adore them, people at dark parties are happy to dsicover there are patterns on them. And, gladly, I like them very much, too.

Tröjan återkommer vi till. Det är nog det enda plagg som jag exklusivt bär på fest och aldrig annars. Sist jag hade den var på en slottssittning där det, trots den vågade skärningen baktill, blev så olidligt varmt att jag inte såg någon annan utväg än att byta om. Turligt nog hade jag ju en annan festliknande överdel med mig - att mestadels klä sig som om man ska på bjudning har sina fördelar.

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Gifts upon gifts upon gifts

And here comes the first celebration! I find this two-toothed kid with a golden hair whirl as gift wrap irresistibly cute :)
Though it was L.'s birthday, I also got myself a wooden gift, that was not expected! 
The entire day was drenched in the mystery of a fog that would not leave, giving the evening a cozy touch, highlighting the outdoor as well as indoor lamps.
After the Libanese dinner with a bulgur wheat salad and a meringue-based dessert, I ended up in front of the fire place warming my feet and reading a biography from 1982 written by Olof Lagercrantz with a huble but sharp language. Now, back home, I have to send a list with my wishes for Christmas on demand. No worries, as I have been writing it since two months...

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

December is on its way!

This means that birthdays and Christmases (in plural, that is right!) are approaching. I do not feel like consuming if I do not find the perfect gift, but this year I both succeeded well and found a theme (!) for some of them. I am thinking I should make a post with my ideas, but somehow not letting the people that are getting them about it. Hmm. Let me get back to you on this. 

Monday, 24 November 2014

C's warning

"There might be notes in the book", she said, and there were! :)

Sunday, 23 November 2014

Just a teeny tiny bit surreptitious.

It could just have been a decoration, but was meant as a landmark for a hidden gift. After some guidance over the phone, my straightforward alternative to a treasure map eventually worked out :)

"You got a nack for this", goes my colleague

Radical reactions in ziplock bags is the core of the lab. Chemicals' placement were styled by me - what do you think of the design? I came to think of this similarity afterwards: the stripes are like the lines at a stadium, a bit like there are stripes that lead the visitors inside the sports item store Stadium.

Saturday, 22 November 2014


Have you also noticed that the more a blogger has to do, the less she/he blogs? This is such a period for me. There is barium hydroxide going on, and art projects, and and and, there might even be a wedding ahead!

Jag borde börja läsa färdigt Tove Jansson förtesten. Ruskigt bra, hon skriver för vuxna också. Det verk jag har påbörjat heter Bildhuggarens dotter.

Thursday, 20 November 2014

My hand's best friend

Lightweight, easily absorbed, smelling delactable and fits in any pocket. This is how I fight dry air, and manage to remember to drag it along with me all the time!

Jag har faktiskt lyckats att inte glömma den en enda gång. Det var en smart strategi att köpa en fin förpackning :)

The Tiger's Daydreams - from relaxed to locked-in Drama

When I think of it, it sounds like I went to a local spa yesterday. First, my friend and I drank a tea called "The Tiger's daydreams" and then did yoga, followed by massage and looking at art. Then, today, I got locked inside a classroom because the door broke and could not get out for at least 30 minutes - which gave perfect inspiration for the news paper articles my class was working on. Dramatic headlines kept popping up, and eventually the content was just like any other gossip paper, speculating about that we were trapped together with nasty murderers.

(Yogan gjorde jag i byxor modell stuprör, så innan jag stretchade kroppen stretchade jag först byxorna - drog i tyget för att knäskålarna skulle få plats och hoppades innerligt att jag skulle återvända hem utan revor. Detta är alltså ett av mina magiska par med svart mönster, aldrig hittills ordentligt uppvisade i bloggen, men alltjämt uppmärksammade av samhället tidigare. Vad klassrummet beträffar, fanns det ett fönster i dörren som gjorde att vi kunde kommunicera med världen utanför.)

The art:

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

How do you treat your students? Me, I am in slight shock. <<----

This is a document about how female and male students are treated in the classrooms. It is of course hard for me to fairly judge how I myself act when teaching in a classroom, but I do know that there are points that I will reflect more upon from now on and try to make sure to give my students a more fair and equal classroom environment.

Below, I have chosen a few "favourites" from the Columbia document on "Gender Issues in the College Classroom":

- Treat students as participants and not as spectators! Seek to develop a critical awareness of problems, power, and inequalities.

- Pause for a few seconds before you call on a student to give everyone an opportunity to raise their hands, hence creating an opportunity for the more reticent students to speak.

- Look for cues that a student wants to speak or ask a question.

- Use the same tone of voice with male and female students.

- Sequence students, so that neither men nor women dominate the discussion.

-  Consider making every student a discussion leader or an expert at some point during the semester.

- Be aware of the subtle and even unconscious interpersonal dynamics. Make sure you call on women and men equally and do not let female students be interrupted. This is in particular important as female students tend to make shorter and quieter statements in a more hesitant, indirect, or "polite" manner or use "I" statements ("I guess . . .," "I was wondering if . . .").

Being aware of gender issues is a good start. But we also have to act upon it.

Monday, 17 November 2014

Take it easy

Vapiano is a restaurant I like, where you can watch the food being cooked in front of you and pick fresh basil at your table for your pizza or pasta dish (not at our table though, apparently)  - and some colourful candy on your way out :) My favourite pizza so far, of all I have tasted, is the one with honey and fresh figues.

Såvitt jag har sett, är det också en plats dit man kan gå med barnvagn, i alla fall på restaurangen belägen på Östermalmstorg. Alltid trevligt med ett blandat klientel.

Now going Swedish...and staying English!

Alright! Let's have a double conversation, one in English and one in Swedish. I might be writing about totally different things in the same post as I think totally different in all the languages that I speak and master them differently, but that should only be a good thing. Time will tell if I am right :)

Nu återinförs svenska som denna bloggs andra officiella språk! Inhemsk politiskt (och högst diktatoriskt) beslut med, utifrån kvällens hastiga överslagsberäkningar, högst positiva effekter. 

Saturday, 15 November 2014

Apple pre-party

On a blog that I follow, there was an image of colourful apples, which gave me the idea to do the same. My favourite topping is the pink strawberry one, but I have not tasted the entire composition yet because the chocolate is still warm and dripping from the pieces. Crossing fingers and other scientific expressions for that tomorrow's guests will be happy!


This is indeed blog standard: photo of me, a comment of what I did. And I did this: watch the film Boyhood for three hours. Its unique pitch is that the same actors grow old thoughout ten years of time and there are real moments and expressions that are not acting. Super cute!

Thursday, 13 November 2014

Competitive even in the dressrooms

No pressure, but there are prize ladders at InterSport to sit on. Supposedly useful for people wanting to try out a winning look for the Olympic games, for example.

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

CC/CK Cooking

Have you heard of Cognitive cooking? I did this weekend. It is about a computer that calculates which crazy flavours go well together based on human taste in recipies, really cool.

And today I learned there is another cool restaurant called... Conflict kitchen. It ONLY serves food taht the USA is in conflict with. Food can indeed be political!..

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Café R. Odengatan. Tasty brownie. Dimmed chandelier atmosphere.

I wanted to blog about naked women and a fluffy cat at this café with an interieur from the 50's and an aquarium, and found that the photos I took might just not be enough. Like, the painting below is cool, with real lamps lit up the windows of the trains and boats and street lights in it. And the Italians next to my table seemed like nice people, since they spoke Italian. And I believe the staff was giving away food for charity when I entered the place? 
Nice and not mainstream, is my point. A big minus is that it is just a bit too dark inside if you want to read a book. What would have a positive effect is bringing a charged laptop for a work date.

Monday, 10 November 2014

Student-professor world tour and other lovelinesses

Dramatic photos I got here. Today started at a cozy conference center from 1764 called Eklundshof, and we launched pretty good ideas that I hope something will happen with, like information on tour and communication, communication, communication. I then tiptoed out to call and find a lecturer to an evening course, which is how I got in touch with Kristine Koch at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU). She was such a big help. I love competent people.

At this course, there is always room for innovation, like making whiteboards look like a course book page with an image in the corner. This "future human"-crime-scene-contour is obviously me.

Sunday, 9 November 2014

On track

Between the train departures, men jump down on the tracks and put up advertisement posters. A co-worker honks and they quickly climb the ladders up to the platform before the train comes. Wonder what they do when they do not paint the walls with glue? I will remember to ask next time.

Saturday, 8 November 2014


So close to society, yet so far away. Getting lost in the woods turns out to not be a challenge. I met a pony, saw a Hansel and Gretel kind of house with what seemed like no roads connected to it and sang echo songs with the trees. After it started getting dark and I started trying not to be lost that much, it took me about forty minutes to get back to a flawless orientation point, an asphalted road made by civilization.
Later, a colleague told me that it is impossible to get lost - the entire place is a cape. Once it ends, you just go back. (I should add that I was wearing high heels and repeat that it was getting dark, and that affect the senses.)

Friday, 7 November 2014

Drafts of the future: trip to Falun with colleagues

Here we ("the dreamteam") are disagreeing (constructively arguing) about tomorrow's seminar. We have now finally come up with something - the other colleagues will get a surprise the next day!

Earlier today we went to Högskolan Dalarna to talk about e-learning, at this beautiful library.

And right now, Alejandro is teaching the girls salsa :)