Tuesday, 30 September 2014


Eating out could be a cold experience, apparently. Infra red lamps and thick covers helped just a bit. It fits the situation very well: this Mexican dinner was an early Christmas gift to me! And it is October only tomorrow. 

Monday, 29 September 2014

the Book Book

What does one do when there is no time to read books? One reads about books. This magazine then, "We read", or "Vi läser", is the real deal. I tried out a few other and this one takes time to be deep over and over. There is not just one big interview with one celeb author that the issue evolves about, but interesting quotations keep coming up, so do non-mainstream examples and even the ads seem properly informative. It is crystal clear: I want a subsciption to this magazine for Christmas.

As for the title, I hope you have not missed this.

Sunday, 28 September 2014


It is a mystery to me when bloggers go "look at my new favourite cosmetics product" and the product itself looks brand new, literally never opened or anything. Either one have to buy it (at least) a second time then, or take the photo before using it in case it actually would be good stuff. So I made a compromise: I have used both of them, but just recently started. The facial oil by Estelle&Thild is organic, yay! And the Yves Rocher lotion is very...watery-creamy in an ok way - and smells not too much not too little. Almonds are present, so to speak. If I actually recommend them? The facial bottle is indeed easier for dosage and transportation than an ordinary glass vessel of olive oil, so yes. The lotion, in turn, goes easy into the skin and seems nice. So not a no.

Caleidoscope celebrations

Willy Wonka everlasting candy, belted galloways, a caleidoscope that is not a periscope, ads turned into postcards and this photosession with my vision of a romantic dress turning are tonight's key words. Happy birthday, M!

Saturday, 27 September 2014


Near work, there is this metal-spun building, a hotel, that caught my attention with its detailed grace. I highly appreciate this kind of elaborated design that is not world famous, especially knowing how hard it at times can be to get ideas through. Good to keep in mind for future inspiration! 

Thursday, 25 September 2014

The ideal that is not there

Miss Impossible - that should be the title any crowned beauty queen gets. First in the country that she is representing and then squared once she wins the universe title. Because a lady with an even so slightly rounded belly and imperfections on her face never has conquered the title, though she should be able to. If these [absolutely natural] features would appear, the contestant's team would be working really, really hard to make her look perfect in the most natural of ways, splashing on palettes of make up and tighten her belly up with strechy, invisible corsets. But is that really her after that? Should not her team win the prize for striving for perfection, and foremost, for first having defined perfection and then striving to reach that goal? 

Perhaps not. That would be a bit like giving a prize to society for being the way it is: discriminating age, nor matter if you are old or young, and setting up invisible limitations that become visible once one encounters them (like economics and other boring stuff without actual values in them).

One "solution", so far, is a pageant for university students: World Miss University.

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Why blogging?

I just went through my archive with blog photographies and I begin to think that if I were not writing this blog, I would be following it. Some photos are really nice! And some expressions interesting. But, what is my blog about?

The easy question is that this blog is like a never ending book about my life, the (sometimes well-chosen) glimpses of it that I choose to portrait. There are rather few pictures of me, however. Just the way that I see more things around me more often than I see mirror images of myself, you get to see the same - literally from my point of view when I upload my shootings!

And why do I blog? Well, to me it is about creativity and a source of canalizing my energy. Not the least, it is a great archive to have! Much more interesting than having photos stored on my own hard drive, and much more useful for friends that want to catch up on the past events.

Also, Louise came up with the the suggestion that I should have all blogging categories listed to the right of all posts, so those interested in my Museum Mission can take part of that and those who like my book posts can click their way right there. Unfortunately, as I can see, this design does not allow such a nice thing to happen. Some day!..

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Museum Mission: The truth about Swedish money or A visit at Tumba bruksmuseum

Tumba bruksmuseum is a former money makery and paper printery, now a museum with free entrance consisting out of several buildings. Next to it there is the new, modern money makery that it is forbidden to take photos of. Cool to pass by and not take a photo of, right?

Swedish money is not entirely Swedish, though, as the coins are made in Finland by a Finnish enterprise called Suomen Rahapaja, while the banknotes are printed by the US company Crane&Co. New coins, with new motives and all, and banknotes, are upcoming very soon! Starting in October 2015.
But, back to proper paper making: school classes are welcome to the museum to make their own paper(s), which are then left to dry.
Excellent to personalise vellum papers and envelopes and such using flowers.
And elephants!
And chemicals! Of course. Sorry for not taking notice of whether these are pigments or something else.
Area is nice and rather calm! In general, it is a very small museum with a super tiny café with almost no food unless you pre-order it, so it is not one of the top visits in the Stockholm area that one can do. But - again, if you think money history is cool, and take interest in the lives of those who lived and worked here, do come. And have a spying glance at that building with a fence ;)

Feminism is equal rights to all.

Emma Watson speaks up at the UN about this so simple but yet so complicated issue. Come along, let's do this! Let's take action on this Today, because we Can.

Monday, 22 September 2014

Recent offices

Ok, technically it is only one "office" from the past weeks that is this much fun. In here, I attended a telephone conference with a colleague in Uppsala. So, where is this secret room?
At the theme park.

Sunday, 21 September 2014

The gods are bowling

"Is this bus going to S:t Eriksplan?" I ask from underneath my umbrella.The bus driver's answer is drenched in the angry explosion of a thunder, and then follow several flashes so bright and sudden that it actually felt like being taken photos of. He told me to get inside, and upon my arrival to a get-together I did something that is like the super peak of consumption: I threw away my shoes because they were soaking wet. Besides that they were glittering in silver, old and found under a cupboard at work today, and I changed shoes as casually as one takes a new breath and it felt GREAT. Not to be repeated any time soon, however. 

Cheers to music!

Johanna and Andreas were performing tonight at Gotland grill in one of my favourite parts of town! She had bought very nice lights for the stage and on our way home, fireworks lit up the water from the other shore with the same colours :) aaand, one of the guys had a BINARY WATCH. Enough said!

Friday, 19 September 2014

More postcards!

 Outgoing mail in velvet and silver and gold and red and green and...
 Incoming: dreams and a fairy from New York (is there an Old York somewhere? I have to check this out).
And Zanzibar! To enter Zanzibar, it is kind of more important to show you are vaccinated to the yellow fever than to show your visa, or so a nurse explained it to me.

Thursday, 18 September 2014

...but I actually wanted to talk about politics.

It is bedtime yet again and I still do not have an elaborated text about the elections. In a way, it is an advantage: I get to find other elaborated texts and can refer to them, as the examples and statistics published this week are very, very interesting. In short, I am not in particular worried about Sverigedemokraterna getting this much attention and votes. Some say, all PR is good PR, but it is certainly not a good thing for this party. More about this in a few days.

City colour spectra

I was in the center of the city today! At Mango, my great taste was confirmed.
Chocolate and books...
...have a lot in common.
Meanwhile, nearby: a central part of the city is being reborn.

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

...and a hairy (grassy) car...

Velvet versions are available, too. Water and this stylish pimping cannot go well together, I suppose.

Monday, 15 September 2014

Hairy feet...to die for

Love these hairy darlings - to watch, not to wear. When sun does not shine they look even more elegant, but they eat my flesh from inside and I am not certain: should I ignore it? 

Sunday, 14 September 2014

The postcard battle proceeds

When in Rome - send a postcard :) Thank you, Lygia! No matter how late it is ;)

Half the speed

Road history without archeological excavations! This is in Nacka, like one hour from Stockholm.

Saturday, 13 September 2014

Children hanging in the air

The other day, I took the boat to work. The theme park was only open for physics students a part of the afternoon, and I was talking physics with them.
Television was there, of course. The program "Lilla aktuellt" - news for children - will be broadcasted next week. Without me being interviewed, even though I volunteered.
I got to go "behind the scenes" where the green costumes with golden buttons were hanging from the ceiling and got stickers for each of the languages that I speak.
 This man works as a theme park historian, but only part time. The other part he is a vice headmaster.
The worst selfie ever :p

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Flying elections and Coloured democracy

In the Swedish mountains, inhabitants without roads were given the opportunity to vote when a helicopter made ballots come to them.
The fights between different parties keeps escalating. One party dressed the people on the other party's election poster in pink glasses and then I found the dialogue above today. "Sunday is not a red day", the right and blue party says, perhaps alluding to that one should vote on Sunday. "Actually, it is" the red party replies, in red, perhaps alluding to that weekends should stay holidays. Other interpretations handed over to my dear readers!

And tonight, grace to the sun outburst yesterday, northern light might be spotted even in Stockholm.

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Blue cats

My dayplanner that looked like a chic oriental carpet got stolen, so I bought these blue cats from the same brand, my favourite so far: Paperblanks. It has a pocket at the back for notes or money or whatever, and a separate, thin address book with pages that can be ripped out. Its best feature is probably the timing - it lasts for 18 months at one go. A clear downside is that not a single holiday is marked, but then there is a list of most holidays in most countries at the far back.

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Labbin' our way

Right now, I am in the middle of creating a crossword on the theme of optics. For the let's-talk-about-pressure-class, I already prepared an enlarged paper elephant and a dito ballet dancer to demonstrate the differences of pressure on small and larger areas :)

Monday, 8 September 2014

B for beating heart

A student's assignment almost gave me a heart attack today. And then it was raining so heavily that the bus actually surfed on the asphalt and water filled the bus from the inside. And I have been traveling the world, blogwise! Recommendations for personal reading online coming up.

Sunday, 7 September 2014

Museum Mission: naked men - de Vries war trophies

Nice! But fake.
Another plaster copy.
He is fake, too.
And so is this naked man.
Museum de Vries is where the bronze originals (except for Neptune) are kept to preserve them from further erosion and cracks. Museum de Vries also happens to be open only once a year - this time being the previous Sunday. Every single one is taken as a war trophy either from Denmark or from the Czech republic and all 32 of them are made by the same artist: the Dutch de Vries. Sweden kind of mostly had sculptures of wood of its own at that time, so the trophies were a big win.
Turns out that Neptune in front of the main castle is the only original statue displayed in plain air.
This is also the only museum I have seen so far to have an elaborated booklet using Braille.

For previous visits at Drottningholm, have a look at the local theater and the castle.