Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Mini Museum Mission: Museet för Drottning Kristinas Kröningsekipage

One room, one big item (a bit exaggerated if one is to be specific) and no photographies inside are allowed. Cool thing is that when the coronation was taking place, the queen's entourage started walking and riding here from Ulriksdal and when the first participants of the coronation "queue" reached the castle, the ones at the far back had not yet left Ulriksdal. That is how long it was!

Reversed cleavages and other things I wore this summer

A bargain for necklace.
Special eulogy to this top, almost entirely made of holes. Dries out quickly and does not show any sweat. PERFECT. Hat is not mine, though.
The same top also happened to have what I call a reversed cleavage: it was like in the middle of everything. Very visible. As usual, I was too busy being hot in the shadow to think of that.

Monday, 28 July 2014

Hidden celebrities

"Many actors sing, too", my friend's mother told me. "Kevin Costner does. Listen to him."
"And Bruce Willis", she continues. (My turn to say, listen to him.)
Anne Hathaway was singing long before Les Miserables.
Actually, there are quite many actors singing. Not all being part of a music group, though. But, a question: from where did I get the image that everybody who wants to be an actor back in the days always had to be able to sing? When I think about it, I do not think it had to be true in all cases. Does somebody of you know?

Sunday, 27 July 2014

Sewing together the city

Metaphorically and colourfully speaking.


 Meny of drinks on naked mens' back,
 wearing a tissue challenge,
 and being very happy
- just like it should be on a day full of surprises and love.

Friday, 25 July 2014

Outdoor art in Wanås

One of my top favourite museums ever is outdoors, in Skåne (Scania), at a place called Wanås. There is art hidden behind bushes and inside trees and you get a map to follow and you never know what is coming up next.
"Som en auskultationsvägg", these teachers said. Meaning: you can basically observe happenings behind this wall without being seen.
Swings at different heights. Note the red balls inbetween the trees.
Me inside a Kannada word. Not at all complicated if you go there and see by yourself :)

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Pop-up café Elefanten

"The Elefant" is a "food and music theme park" with several bands playing the same day. I do not know how good the food is, but they have organic alcohol-free beverages (which made me very happy) with ok prices compared to indoor cafés. You can find it behind Kulturhuset, at Brunkebergstorg.
How cool, "the elephant" also is the name of a former command and control site in the underground, in Sollentuna, north of Stockholm.

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Birthday picknick ("I'll just go and get the pig")

This happened in the radiant 1950's... I am joking of course, but it is not far from the truth judging from the picture! Radiant it was though, such a good idea to make nice company bring food to a beach and then send people off in groups to play games. One challenge was to find "something on the letter B", so I quickly asked a guy if I could take a picture of him. He was somebody's Boyfriend.
Some also did this, because they could.
The birthday girl wanted helium balloons and I found this helium pig with the cutest foldable feet with the perfect weight, making it levitate just slightly above ground and rock softly from one side to another. (Don't worry, the bottle is not alcohol.)
More straightforward gifts.
Huge tip: the darker it gets a hot summer like this, the warmer the water. At midnight the sand bottom was warmer than the beach.

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

What I wore this summer, part I

Sustainable clothes being hip at last! Now I also want a top made of bamboo for its antiseptic qualities. It is also supposed to cost less to produce, on all fronts, than cotton. Have to dive deeper into bamboo facts to find out more. So far, it only sounds promising.
Now a proud owner of a cropped skirt and leather sandals that are, for once, comfortable summer shoes.
I have gotten so many compliments for this colourful skirt. It is one of those garments that once one (me) sees it on the hanger in the shop, it just becomes a necessary item in one's (my) life.

Monday, 21 July 2014

Glimpse of the future

I find it very exciting to get hints about what the future would be like, and then I was struck by the thought that OF COURSE, many years ahead, a blog/blogger will be awarded the Nobel prize in literature!

Vacation parameters

 At my back, just before the sudden rain.
At my front. Business and pleasure combined.

Saturday, 19 July 2014

Duck duck go go (city version)

A duck family decided to cross the road with the cutest one in the lead, causing buses, trams and cars to halt. In the city of Stockholm. So nice! And on the tram, I got to sit next to a mister and a lady dressed as was habitual for the upper classes in the 18th century. I cheered in an old-fashioned way, of course, which was very appreciated :)

As for Duck duck go go. It is a search engine that does not track what you search for. You get some privacy, nice.

Would you want to alter that search engine choice with an environmentally friendly one, Growyn is an option worth considering. Its search result are based on Yahoo's, but all profits go to environment projects.

Not on the news: Red cross "rescuing" people on Swedish trains

Road tripping means seeing new places and meeting new people, so that is how me and my company met a lady who told us that the public transport system, in Skåne being Skånetrafiken (which in turn is run by several divisions so to speak, which involves private companies, government agencies and municipalities), used to work so badly that the Red Cross volunteered to hand out blueberry soup on the delayed trains. The toilets would not work and the trains would not only be sometimes several hours late, but also be stuck on the railway tracks in the middle of nowhere, resulting in taxis and special buses being offered as an alternative after people started complaining.

"And this was not mentioned on the news", the lady said.

Friday, 18 July 2014

At Helsingborg

Helsingborg was once Danish and stems from about the 1060's, so it is really old. Parts of the tower Kärnan (the "core") is what is left (it has been renovated, of course).
Except for Sofiero being nearby, Helsingborg is not one of my favourite cities, though harbour and beaches and Denmark and all. The tower and the pathway up to it is nice, though.

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Hotel Pappersbruket

We just fell in love with it. Being an old paper factory has its advantages: the place is quite large, so the space is tastefully designed indoors and the adjacent barn styled using most of the original materials for the purpose of conferences and such. The hands you see are the hands of tose who actually performed the job - which is good, because the workers are often forgotten in the favour of the designers.

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Probably the smallest tourist info center in Wanås, Skåne

Bungalow-like arrangement and a wooden/glass cabin with many broschures about local worth-too-see equals perfectly relaxed tourist information.

Monday, 14 July 2014

Skåne drive-thru

Culture culture, art art, sustainability. Even the screensaver that you see is an art project, sen at the hotel we are staying at tonight, with a cozy view from our room of the river from both sides.

Sunday, 13 July 2014

Super nice (more of Sofiero)

Rain is raging in Scania and we are in a small, small town where the pavement quickly becomes pebbles three roads after the city center and the bus does not go on the weekends, at least not in the direction that we want it to go. We are on a true vacation, that is!