Thursday, 24 April 2014

Radical Gardening - humans and the land

I came across the book "Radical gardening" by George MacKay who yesterday held a lecture about it at the museum/art hall Marabouparken in Sundbyberg. The subject is cultural studies and is a bit of an eye-opener - especially to the urban citizen - to see how symbolic gardens, plants and their placement and shapes have been and still are to humans. One goes to a park to demonstrate, for a date, to relax, parks are the green lungs of a city and most of us make a difference between a royal park, a golf club lawn and an allotment, for example. There are more nature symbols: most Swedish political parties have a flower as their logo, Nazi Gemany wanted for some time to only cultivate plants with a German origin along with certain roads, gardening is a social activity that brings people together. Interesting indeed.
It was also nice to see this big room, which is a part of the museum, go dark for the audience to focus on the lecture.

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