Sunday, 27 April 2014

Museum Mission: Sadelmakare Öbergs hus

The last Sunday every month, this tiny museum situated next to the museum of Olle Olsson Hagalund is open and is for free. In the beginning of the last century, a saddler used to live here with his family; one of the hardest parts to reconstruct the interior was actually to find white lace curtains that were made of cotton - these things are mostly made of polyester these days. The museum is now facing an uncertain future as the municipality where it is located finds it too costly - even though the staff here works here on their spare time.

A calculator! I tried to use it, it was not entirely straightforward.

This phone kept ringing for a long time after the business ended, so a decision to terminate the land line was made. Once, the staff got a call about making a saddle for a camel.
In the same building, but separated from the museum of course, there are courses offered - in pottery, if I remember it right.

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