Sunday, 13 April 2014

Museum Mission: Livrustkammaren

A royal suitcase is seen together with horses and carriages at Livrustkammaren / The Royal Armory, the oldest museum in Sweden. There are also weapons mixed with other royal belongings. Relating to the Swedish Royal history is this museum's goal.
The geography of this place can seem a bit confusing: Livrustkammaren and four other museums are all encompassed in the royal castle in the Old town, but on different sides of the castle and with separate entrances and exits and it is not easy to find one's way inside, either. A combination ticket can be purchased, which gives you the possibility of going to all of these museums for a cheaper price if you do so within seven days - which gives you time to find your way. One of these museums is only open in the summer, though.
Aigrettes - plume holders for horses - of gold, from 1607, intended for the coronation horse.
One of the coolest things in the museum: an especially designed showcase to preserve old tissues in nitrogen.
This is the other cool thing, of course hidden at the farther end and on the second floor. Now there also is a Hall of Fun, with a throne replica from The Game of Thrones (!). Lucas and I took it a bit further and borrowed this mantle to use it in the other room, which had a carriage:
And Lucas was a natural!

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