Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Fashion Storytelling at Centralantikvariatet

Books are kind of the best.
A clever way of checking how old they are is not ripping of a piece, but looking for hairs in between the pages and analyze them instead.
Or just reading and looking at the cover: the non-coloured leather ones are usually from the 16th century and onwards.
Can you do this with online books? No, you can not.
Clever as a shelf filled with books.
Roller coaster!

Sleeping among books would probably give rise to very nice dreams.
And themes to discuss.
Daydreaming. Lucas actually tricked me into turning left by saying: "Look, an interesting book!" He was not wrong in a strict sense...
Imitating Marilyn Monroe.
So, time for the next outfit.
Very well-matched, I am very proud.
A very good position for reading books.
And thinking about books.
And being a model.
Thank you the staff at Centralantikvariatet for letting us doing this shoot, and thank you Lucas S.B. for taking the photos!

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