Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Museum Mission: Kungliga slottet

The Royal Castle! Drawn by the architect Nicodemus Tessin the younger, who also is speculated to have set up the fire of the previous castle - this because he, when asked, presented the drawings of the new castle a bit too rapid.

The Swedish Royal family does not use this as their home, though, but there is a balcony where they can wave from on different occasions, such as the king's birthday, which is today. Diplomats are received here. Meetings are held here. And, of course, parts of it are used as a museum. Technically, there are five (plus the Royal Stables), which are separate museum parts of the castle with different names and different tickets, but there is a common ticket as well that gives you discount if you decide to visit all of them in seven days time. Noteworthy is that some of these museums do not permit photographs indoors at all, while other require special permission from the Royal court or other special occasions. The Night of Culture, Kulturnatten, when many museums are open till midnight once a year in the spring, is one of these occasions.
Last year was a special occasion, too.
The Swedish king and head of state, Carl XVI Gustaf.

Cleverly, some photographies from the exhibition were for sale for 1973 SEK - the year when the king became the king.
The last king crowned in Sweden was in 1873 - the kings after him decided not to have this ceremony.

Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Sturekattens konditori

Sturekatten is situated in Östermalm and is a cozy place with food I liked, like a soup with chili and lentils, green tea with pear flavour (which was not that prominent) and nice pastry. It is in even possible to study here - it is not that noisy from my experience, and two lawyer students were working on their documents next to me.

Monday, 28 April 2014

Mandatory: "Selfies"

Selfie in a looong line waiting for VIP tickets, kind of, to a guided tour.
Selfie in the woods. I also have pictures seen from all the other photographers' perspective!

Corridor selfies in the middle of the night!

Sunday, 27 April 2014

Museum Mission: Sadelmakare Öbergs hus

The last Sunday every month, this tiny museum situated next to the museum of Olle Olsson Hagalund is open and is for free. In the beginning of the last century, a saddler used to live here with his family; one of the hardest parts to reconstruct the interior was actually to find white lace curtains that were made of cotton - these things are mostly made of polyester these days. The museum is now facing an uncertain future as the municipality where it is located finds it too costly - even though the staff here works here on their spare time.

A calculator! I tried to use it, it was not entirely straightforward.

This phone kept ringing for a long time after the business ended, so a decision to terminate the land line was made. Once, the staff got a call about making a saddle for a camel.
In the same building, but separated from the museum of course, there are courses offered - in pottery, if I remember it right.

Saturday, 26 April 2014

Friday, 25 April 2014

Curled with a twist

To curl hair is almost a science. You need heat protection for the hair, hair spray, curling iron (careful with that!) or something else that makes your hair curly (some people use shoelaces), TIME and some tricks, like twisting the curl once it is curled - that makes it last longer. 

Thursday, 24 April 2014

Radical Gardening - humans and the land

I came across the book "Radical gardening" by George MacKay who yesterday held a lecture about it at the museum/art hall Marabouparken in Sundbyberg. The subject is cultural studies and is a bit of an eye-opener - especially to the urban citizen - to see how symbolic gardens, plants and their placement and shapes have been and still are to humans. One goes to a park to demonstrate, for a date, to relax, parks are the green lungs of a city and most of us make a difference between a royal park, a golf club lawn and an allotment, for example. There are more nature symbols: most Swedish political parties have a flower as their logo, Nazi Gemany wanted for some time to only cultivate plants with a German origin along with certain roads, gardening is a social activity that brings people together. Interesting indeed.
It was also nice to see this big room, which is a part of the museum, go dark for the audience to focus on the lecture.

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Easter candy delivery

Bursting with fertility signs.

Museum Mission: Magasin 3 Stockholm konsthall

It became a favourite almost right away.
 From provoking and...
...more ordinary well-made drawings and paintings...
 ...and art even on the benches,
to quite a few innovative art pieces. I found it quite perfect.
 A short story on a long piece of paper.
A politically, hm, (in)correct sign meaning nobody is welcome.

 We liked this piece with a hidden world inside by Charles Long quite a lot.
 And just when some of us thought they had seen everything there was to see in the gallery, I showed them the Rubik's cube-style staircase of wood that led to a secret room downstairs. Here, we could lie on rugs cut as the shape of the monitors in the ceiling and relax to soft music, an installation as nice as the Swiss' artist's name: Pipilotti Rist.

Monday, 21 April 2014

It could have been a unicorn

This lovelyness happened where the city grew, or dissolved, into thee countryside outside of Akalla.

This... weekend

Simplest explanation to me wearing a plastic bag styled into a top and mini skirt is that I was knighted responsible for the games on my neighbour's birthday.
We played kubb. I unsuccessfully tried to recruit members from the other, winning crew. This was after three players from my team developed the strategy to not lose.
Ian ate grilled delicacies from my lap. Jana, when you look back at this thirty years from now or so, this actually happened. He sat on your lap first, then he laid down on a bench and you covered his face with sliced cucumbers, and you were strong enough to carry him around when he later unexpectedly counted very fast to three and jumped on you.

Sunday, 20 April 2014

Kafé Sjöstugan

As you might remember, I am looking for nice cafes and here is one!
With a nice view in all directions.

Louise had a gift card at the cafe for two cinnamon buns,
which this cafe is kind of famous for.
The tea was nice, too. Most of the food for sale here is organically grown.
It can be hard to find though, there are many houses on the way with signs that say "private".
But if you try to walk down to the water, with directions in Swedish at the cafe's webpage, and keep in mind that it is close to Pipers väg near Brunnsviken, you are likely to get it right!