Monday, 31 March 2014

Essential fluids

This is what I put on my body parts and can recommend others to put on their body parts, too - they smell nice without being too strong and seem to do good. One of the secrets to avoid unnecessary additives is often to choose products made for babies, like the Sophie la girafe baby hair and body wash. This bottle in particular comes with a nice story: I had not seen it in the pharmacy before, and asked a lady from the staff what she could tell me about it. She let me know that it was the first day it was on the shelf, and I was welcome to evaluate it and get back for some kind of reward (!).

Sunday, 30 March 2014

Freezing Superhero

Two trampolines built into the ground are to be found in Vasaparken, and I am telling you, it is a pure joy to jump up, stay weightless for what seems to be a fraction of a second and to be forced down by gravity again. (Repeat n times.) Photos by David Härenstam!

Saturday, 29 March 2014

Pillow fight and Painting party

Some wisdom in hindsight: pillows should be light, do not hit people on their heads with any pillow, two pillows in your hands at the same time is very effective and looks cool to those who watch, fluorescent colours are not necessarily as cool as one assumes them to be, tablecloth of paper is perfect to paint on.

Friday, 28 March 2014

Poznan with surroundings

Poland actually originated exactly here in Poznan: the tribe of Poznans was the start for what later became what we know as Poland today. And in Poland today, one can get fined for crossing the street when there is red light and for crossing the street where there is no zebra crossing - watch out for that.
In Poznan, it is a tradition to go up the bridge valve - not this one, this is far too easy - the day before the exam. It simply means luck.
A museum that has not just yet opened.
And this is one of the universities. I loved the fresh library here, it even has a corner for children with toys and stuff. It is common to go to the university on the weekends while working on the weekdays.
The soccer game in 2012 revitalised the area with new roads and art - the square-like formation above is a beautiful fountain in the summer -, and so does the fabrics around the area continuously. The unemployment in Big Poland region is slightly above 4.0 %, compared to 20 %  in the north. The five biggest Polish cities combined generate 25 % of the country's GDP.
I found it amazing that there was such a big amount of churches and cathedrals in the cities and Jesus on a cross here and there on the countryside. While driving about 45 kilometers, I spotted five or maybe six crosses of this kind, only one of them being close to a church. Catholicism is big here and you are kind of expected to go to church, but not being religious is technically not a problem.
Poland was occupied buy the Germans for quite a long time, and it was forbidden to speak Polish on the streets. One of the solutions to keep the language was to hold Polish conversations in this building, with a bird that is officially supposed to be a pelican, a bird that picks the feathers from itself to feed its infant with the blood, representing the sacrifice the man who initiated this project made for his country. The artist probably had never seen a pelican, though. This I found out on a guided tour that lasted for 2.5 hours which I warmly recommend - look for Visit Poznan City Guided Tours on Facebook.
Edward Raczynski made sure to preserve as many Polish books as possible by building a library, claiming that the books in the private library he built their were part of his private collection, part of a very tiny apartment of his.
And then another protector of Polish culture built a Polish theater behind his house, which the Germans supposedly never found out about. The house in front if the theater is gone today, and next to it is the German theater, shown on the photo above. This goes well with the national anthem: Poland is not yet lost.

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Metallic Symmetries

Artwork and playground simultaneously, the kids and we had to take turns :) Photographer: David Härenstam.

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Meanwhile in the student corridor: Pink Dragon

For context, the kite it tied to a fire blanket (which is - hehe - designed with hot chili fruits) behind it.