Tuesday, 31 December 2013

A tiny snapshot of 2013

This year started in pain: my apartment was so cold that I was coughing for two months, resulting in an internal bleeding on the chest, meaning I was terrified to sneeze and laugh and once I could not get up from the sofa without help - I was afraid to move and could not help screaming out.

The pain would continue: a friend from my childhood died. It felt so out of this world that she was gone, and not until her siblings carried the coffin out from the church did I believe that she actually was in there and that this was not a practical joke. It feels so strange, I told her sister. I still have all these memories, but she is gone. That is exactly what death is about, she answered: she is not not gone from our hearts.

This was also the year when I got to know many wonderful people.

And I decided to visit ALL the museums in Stockholm, it felt so unjust of me to not know the places that many tourists had come here for. 

This is also the year when I start to value the meaning of words with a new attention. Of course I write five new Chapter number One and I endulge in the process of writing university essays. The teacher most of my classmates enjoy to be scared of tells me my text is Very Well written and a personal victory - a proof of that I can write - is officially a fact, on a new level. 

I traveled a bit with friends and family and at some point the clock was wined back to the 1700's.

One of the first fashion shoots!

Happy 2014, everybody.

Monday, 30 December 2013

Sacrifying myself for a calendar

Note to self: glue is the budget version of a spa weekend. I just composed a wall calendar for 2014 with help from some glue, and I assure you that the skin on my fingers will be smooth like the hands of a baby very soon. I just have to get rid of the glue first...

Museum Mission: Spritmuseum

Some enthusiasts will greatly appreciate this: here comes Spritmuseum / The Museum of Spirits! It is full with modern equipment and is in that way different from many other museums: there is a different interpretation of what a cinema could be like, there is a digital interpretation of a beach, very VERY realistic bathrooms as seen in clubs (as part of the exhibition, of course!) and a quiz in a bar that makes the wine glasses move about with the sound of glass breaking.
The museum has gotten criticism for not having much... substance. A colleague that works at a museum told me that one easily can walk through the museum in 15 minutes, which he had done himself this autumn.
But do not give up that easy. There is a new art hall, right now exhibiting the works of Béatrice Cussol and bringing up the question where the difference between art and advertisement arises. One of the "paintings" had for example been drenched in about half a liter Absolute Vodka, which is transparent, each day for about a month...
Real club owners discuss the enterprise of being a club owner - and it is not easy to invite your friends and make them have fun every time, or to make people relax.
There are a few details mentioned about how to make alcohol, but if you expect to find detailed information about it, this is not the right place. The focus lies on the small questions (big for some!) instead: how it feels to be hangover and what it could look like when people gather to drink alcohol - be it a night out or on a camping, or at a fancy bar.
This is a nice random detail: one can enter something that looks like a barrel and watch a short movie about how bottles are stored - and the barrel leads up to the roof, as far as I could see, giving the impression that light comes in that way.
Here and there plants that compose alcohol can be seen. A better experience is probably obtained if you buy a "tasting box" together with the entrance ticket, which you are supposed to taste depending on where you are in the museum, but since I do not drink, I can not elaborate this experience.

Saturday, 28 December 2013

The Shape of A Mother

How we portrait and think of our bodies - after pregnancy. Saggy breasts, a belly that never seems to be bikini slim again and the trouble or joy with breastfeeding and being pregnant almost immediately after giving birth. Very much worth reading:

Friday, 27 December 2013


  This castle looks like it is painted with crayons (and with watercolours at the bottom) directly on the grass an on the sky!
This is not far out from Stockholm and so calm and beautiful, with a park that inspires to many photoshoots and artistery all times of the year.

Thursday, 26 December 2013

Museum Mission: MC collection museum

It smelled faintly like rubber and I was the first visitor that Sunday. One of the owners passed by and the lady at the entrance explained that there is a Youtube video with his vision of the museum available. Well, without watching the video, I can without any experience in vehicles of this kind tell that we are dealing with enthusiasts. For example: how hard is it not to acquire a Moto Guzzi  MGS-01 Corsa 2004, when there are only 50 of them in the world, and transport it to the MC Collection Museum
Here and there are small details that struggle with not making the exhibition uniform: books with detailed information, a tipping wooden part that is supposed to look like a piece of a racing road (and it does), the placement and a children's room where also adults can try out what it is like to ride an old bike.
There are many motorcycles, as you see, and this is just the ground floor.
The Duscati 916 Senna 1996 is recognised as one of the most beautiful bikes in the world, this one being a special edition in the memory of the Brazilian racing driver Ayrton Senna who died in a F1 race in 1994.
Some of the bikes carry names that in fashion is called "prêt-à-porter", which here becomes "built to go", like in the case of the Bultaco Trial 1999. Interesting. It is not the one on the picture, though - the "built to go" is hanging so close to the ceiling that I would need a ladder to capture it.
Like pastry of metal, inviting to go for a ride.
Conclusion: I now want to ride a motorcycle too! It seems easy and cool, and I already have a driving license for a car, so it should not be that hard! The artist who made the painting above explains herself that she knows nothing about bikes; it is the feeling she is after, preferrably in high heels (even though she knows it is impossible). And one day, a handsome man stopped next to her next to a red light. Nine years later, they are married and have two children.

Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Christmaz celebration no. 2

A lot of food, beautiful decorations, joy, jokes and giftd upon gifts UPON GIFTS - Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

The nice kind of exhaustion

 Today's best Christmas story was a busdriver that had placed Christmas gifts under each seat in the bus and told the passengers about it (!).

The Christmas tree you see is actually the top of a 3.5 meters tall tree imported from Värmland to relatives from relatives, so it is very special. And the gifts, the gifts!.. Some of us cried out of joy and afterwards we gathered exhausted on the sofa, curiously checking out our gifts in more detail.

Monday, 23 December 2013

Last touches before the Christmas euphoria

Today I got the last three Christmas cards before Christmas, and now I am multitasking, coming up with suitable rhymes to the lately added gifts, cooking and reading an article for a university project. 

Sunday, 22 December 2013

What I wore this Winter

Both the ring and the sweater are bargains (which could be a fun hobby at times), both fits with many of the items that I posess. This ring also has the advantage of being flat enough to wear a glove with it. Otherwise the trick is to wear the gauntlet first and the ring upon it. Naturally, the ring is not a Marilyn Monroe thing ("A drop of Chanel no. 5 and nothing else") - I am happy to show a nice fashion photoshoot I did with Lucas recently, coming up when he is back in the country.

Museum Mission: Edsvik konsthall

I just love the fish on the yard. Edsvik konsthall / The Edsvik Art Gallery (following the link in English provides a panorama view of the interior) is situated outsides of Stockholm in two restaurated barns from the 18th century, which previously belonged to the adjacent Edsberg castle.
The surroundings are small villas on one side and a park and a small but beautiful bay with MANY ducks and swans on the other.
On the way to one of the art halls, one passes by a workspace for artists on the ground floor.
It is airy and white indoors, the staff's desk and the museum being coherently inseparable. This was one of my favourite details. 
A vernissage taking place just three days ago, the exhibition "Russian Christmas and New Year Tradition" is almost brand new, and so is this painting.
There are some - which it seems to be - wild cards as well, like this fantastically real painting by Oleg Nourpeissov.
And this is one of the contributions to an art competition in a magazine by 12-year old Elena Levina. Being from Russia myself, I remember these competitions being common. When I participated in such a competition at the age of about five, the final exhibition of the top contestants' drawings was supposed to be held in Oslo and I had used gouache to create a pretty modern pink background with white objects in different scales, making a unicorn the main character.

Saturday, 21 December 2013

Museum Mission: Musik- och teatermuseet

Musik- och teatermuseet / The Stockholm Music and Theatre Museum was founded in 1899 and is these days located in a building that stems back to about 1640, which in turn used to be a bakery and storage of weaponry and wine - not simultaneously, though.
In the valve, there can be seen photographies of actors in Sweden during rehearsal, which was very bold in 1953 - and for some years to come. At that time, actors usually posed in arranged positions, so the photographer Beata Bergström broke new ground.
Moments that could be subject to philosophy: we can see what is happening in front of us, it happens, it can happen to other people, but does it really, since we know it is  a theater play and we play theater on a daily basis in our daily lives anyway?
The instrument of my dreams, a harp. I believe that it substitutes many instruments in an orchestra with its rich, dreamlike sound (which is why the famous Harry Potter introduction music can be performed on a harp only without much of its main effects lacking).
There are plenty of intruments to play (yes, one can!) or listen to and to find out more about, one of them being the theremin, a very, very special intrument.
Small actors - big roles. Puppetry is a very old art form, used in Mali as well as in China.
The culture is in the details.
And the closer, the better.
Not unexpectedly, this is an interactive museum. If one stands in front of the screen to the left on the photography above, or wears a theatre mask on the ground floor in front of a screen, a film starts; there is a music studio (which is a light version of the one at the Abba Museum) and several buttons are to be pushed.

Friday, 20 December 2013

Julbord - Christmas food at work

In the basement, there is an authentic cantine from the 18th century. I am of course talking about my workplace. Today is, was, the last get-together; at least as it seems right now, since the museum will be inhibernating for a while.

Thursday, 19 December 2013

Museum Mission: Stadshuset

In stadshuset / The City Hall, one can participate at the famous Nobel Prize banquet, celebrate 100 years of existence (like my college did this spring) - and go on a guided tour, which is delightful indeed if one happens to know the guide :)
The Blue Hall, which is red.
When Stockholm celebrated its 700th birthday, different states gave different gifts for the occasion.
The Council Chamber, where Stockholm City's Council meets every third Monday, has a very airy roof.

Citizens and journalists are welcome to attend the meetings - the upper sections are made for that.
The Golden Hall accomodates ten kilograms of gold on its walls and is very futuristic, especially when you see the motives and think back of what was traditional art in the beginning of the 20th century; cleverly enough, the 25-year old man behind this art piece included himself in one of the corner mosaic portraits, where he is defending his golden project in a court. He expected it would take nine years to finish decorating this room, but only got  two - and managed, with some help from experts on the material.
And do you see the chef, with a tall white hat passing by the window?
The Prince's Gallery. In the mirror, you can see blue pillars; behind them, there is a painting with a blue tan, which was upposed to be a reflection of the Stockholm view across the water through the tall windows. The are several panorama paintings, all made by the prince Eugene, who also built what is now a museum at Waldemarsudde.
And in here, one can get married!