Saturday, 18 November 2017

The ultimate struggle for power - where to?

Let's think future.

What do dictators and people in power struggle for? More money, to buy whatever they want? To never have to stand I'm line for anything? Control - of what? Making the world entirely uniform?

We discussed this a few days ago. Among all agreements made, some leaders choose to not follow them or ignore. So. Shouldn't there be a UN organ to think if the worst case scenarios, and work on philosophical prescriptions on ethical decisions, like "agenda 4050 - in case the ocean boils"? 

Friday, 17 November 2017

Highlights of Nanowrimo (warning to sensitive readers)

Co-writing, as in cheering each other from a distance while writing different stories, is more fun than being entirely solo and then ask around who wants to read your draft. Well, Stephen King passes his not yet published books among his friends for their opinion, but I cannot guarantee that kind of quality when I present my work.

National Novel Writing Month (link) is an abstract get-together, which you virtually sign up for writing (meaning, you do not sign up) what friend says is 1,666 words daily. I have material for maybe two additional pages and will end up having seven, but that is fine too of course, as long as you just make the attempt to write.

It is nice to see that people in front of computers at cafés seem to be quite involved. Or maybe the ones across us were just composing a theatre play together. Me, I am practicing English. Initially, wanting to use all the new words I learned recently, I just kept writing on a love story that takes all kinds of turns. Striving for making it worthwhile for the reader, here are some lines I think worked out quite well.

"His lips touched upon a smile."

"When I die and they will open my chest, the heart will surely be covered with tattoos of the ones I loved, and this man's image might just be getting a spot."

"Hitchhiking souls."

Then, M. is taking class in organ knowledge (well, toxicology) and had based-on-a-true-case suggestions for how to kill my characters off. One is, letting them get poisoned by A-vitamins by eating a polar bear's liver. (Hm, how do I take them to the North pole? They are shopping in a mall right now.) The second is eating rhubarbs in the winter, because that is when the poisonous acid from the leaves wanders into the stem.

We shall see. 

Thursday, 16 November 2017

Jana at the gym - the impossible has happened

It's my third time lifting weights.

Not all weights, some of them are glued to the shelf for decoration. Oh, I see now, that was 17 kg in ONE piece. And over there, 46. I lift it by two millimeters, for one second, with two hands, and laugh.

Come to think of it, the equipment around looks so technical it is like an (office coloured) torture chamber mixed with the outside of a particle accelerator.

But I do well. My third time and I am using many muscles, quite enjoy some challenging movements and I work out constantly for one hour. I wouldn't without a friend, who introduced me to some moves and the relaxed attitude to lifting. Now I am going to pass on the favour next Thursday. 

Saturday, 11 November 2017

Museum Mission: Scenkonstmuseet, or: "Me inside a trunk"

 A NEW museum! Open since February 2017. I visited it before in its old form, and the upgrade is delightful.
 For example: this piece of art that is a trunk that is a made-up music instrument. Sandra was playing the strings which are attached to the back and I was lying inside; we took turns and quickly realised that the low key notes would really make you vibrate, together with the tree.
 Another favourite was the game with cubes on the top floor. Actually, you should start with the third floor - it's the best. The sounds are a bit loud though, so bring ear plugs if you feel you need to. 
 Loved these birches and their roots. And the "music box" which is almost like attending a performance on the stage with the dancer.
Of course you should go! And bring friends to play the instruments together!.. 

Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Testing, testing. Roger?

 A postal link has been established, Stockholm-Hamburg! I learned the hard way that you should preferrably test the post system before you send the actually important stuff. Not always you can, and then it could get lost the second, third and fifth time...
But my letter to Colombia is still on its way. And a postcard is coming from Saudi Arabia! I am guessing it will take a week before it reaches Sweden. 

Sunday, 5 November 2017

When in Riga - part II

Riga adventures continued! We stumbled upon a beautiful shop with an exhibition of traditional clothes from different parts of Latvia. Can you see teenagers talk about wool and long skirts instead of jeans and H&M have new collections of this type? Why not.

 Without visiting museums, you can basically make a tour of all Riga in those hours you get when you come here by boat (which is about six hours). We decided to take the slightly un-touristic route and congratulations! The Flying Frog Café appeared in front of our eyes. It is quite heavily decorated, with ornamented lamps and a huge wooden frog outsides, so it's hard to miss. Do note the tea: rowanberries, chokeberries, lemon, honey and cinnamon were lovely together.
 Interior is several cozy caves. Friend said: "You will want this for your blog, won't you?" So time to add many photos in this post are not mine.
 Perfect for brunch. They like flavours at this place and the waitor is cute. The chocolate orange cake tops the cake with hot mango sauce.
 We escaped the major rain while brunching - we thought. The rain would laugh and return later.
 Last time I was here was nine years ago, and I certainly do not recall that there is a LAKE in the city. With boats that seem to be able to take you on a romantic tour.
 Statue of independence.
 So is this. The Bremen musicians - I am sure you have heard the Grimm story
as a child - are actually looking through the Berlin wall (!). Very symbolic.
 Art repertoire now now includes a dragon, a very low maze and an... armadillo?
 "The three brothers" is a building complex with houses from different centuries shoulder to shoulder. The middle one is from 1646, but the entrance was added a century later. We discovered that not all citizens are aware of these inhabitable monuments.
 Latvian War Museum is in conjunction with this tower which was a storage for gunpowder before.
 From war to peace :) This is inside a Christian shop, with angels and lot of crystals and cute accessory.
And maybe the least impressive thing: the castle. We were slightly stunned by the absence of gold and ornaments - in contrast to the rest of the old town - the government invests a lot in recomposing it. The old town looks, in part, brand new. 

Friday, 3 November 2017

Me, cover girl in the course catalogue

 You can't see it from here, but trust me, that is me being filmed at my university. This is just before my speech as the prime minister to the nation to keep us united and everybody calm. Our military advisor jumped up after the filming was complete to complement my team for the strategy of not giving away the core of the threat, but what we did was simply not lying. In our briefing, the problem was never clearly stated but present, so we did the best we could from that material. We were maybe three people writing the speech? And the classics; some part of the audience would of course not listen but look at the choice of clothing and the figure. That's is "news" for some...