Saturday, 3 December 2016

My new words as of 2016, part III

Ryttla (swe.) - what the colibri does with its wings: flapping very quickly.

Lacuna - a gap or a cavity.

Life hack - trick that makes life easier, say how to pack a bag cleverly or how to become more effective in the mornings.

Bestickning (swe) - bribe.

Welschmertz - the feeling you have when the world is not the happy place you imagined it to be

Eve teasing - public sexual harassment.

Gäris (swe) - a woman who does not identify herself as heterosexual.

Whitewashing - censorship, often to cover up mistakes or glorify results. Applied by some governments, for example.

Mukbang - eating in front of a camera (live, but not necessarily) so that lonely people around the world have you as dinner companion. There are some Korean eating superstars that do this for a living.

Mulesing - cutting the tail off lambs (done for instance in Australia) to avoid invasion of larvae in its wool. Done without anaesthesia.

Tether - sharing the phone's mobile data with another device.

Desinformation - a fact that is a lie.

Social housing - houses reserved for people with a particularly low income. 

Friday, 2 December 2016

Isn't she (me) loooovely

I clearly remembered posing, smiling and trying to look natural at the same time. The guy who took the photos was a happy coincidence: he, a girl and I were three Swedish people in a cathedral in Madrid at the same time speaking Swedish with each other! They asked if I could photograph them; no problem. I asked them to photograph me back. This is the fun part. Before running away from the camera, the girl said to the guy: "You should take the photos, you are better at it." So here you go, photo magic.

Thursday, 1 December 2016


I have only seen it on TV before. Alice in Wonderland and maybe Lara Croft? These days there are apps and digital versions of the metronomes. Anyhow, a friend starting using it today and it was SO COOL.
 New favourite: Arabic pastry and rich-flavoured matching teas. Preferably as authentic as possible, to not miss the tastiness that additives such as E-numbers I imagine replace. This is a café that serves exactly this.
 Christmas trees in Murcia are not easy to find! And this was decorated at Ronda Norte and the guy DROPPED A GLASS BAUBLE.
Vive la creativity! I might buy indoor shoes here later.

Tuesday, 29 November 2016


 Today was a nice day. I found new mountains to climb and found a solution to how to shop at the butcher's, or anywhere, when it is siesta time and everything is supposedly closed (shop in a different city). I tried to hitchhike because I thought my friend who drives me to school was ill, and the polite village people would stop to explain why they could not give me a ride. But we got there on time! 
"Did you do it?" asked one of my 6 years old students, because I was sitting next to this drawing.  
 Then I went out for a walk. Found a beautiful park, an artificial waterfall, experienced some tepid sexual harassment disguised as a concern about my health (outside of park).
More interpretations of the human body. Note how much bigger the head is compared with the brain. 

Saturday, 26 November 2016

Rainy Madrid (and hardcore tourism)

 It is raining and pending between 5 and 8 degrees. Then it rains a little bit more. I am here to attend a concert and for some tourism till Monday! And well, why not throw in some fever. Things always get more exciting with a fever.
 This is across Palacio Real, the royal castle. The Almudena cathedral! (Not officially, names are always longer when official.) I was lucky because just when I entered the museum, a nun pulled out secret drawers and opened a secret door and hung in priest clothes for the afternoon ceremony and we had a chat! IN SPANISH. 
 Then I was lucky to get a permission to take the lift to the top. 
 And then I dropped by the National library museum. I spent a great amount of minutes in their shop contemplating whether people I normally send letters to would like the pop-up cards that were offered, or if it should be saved for other occasions. I caught the guard making funny faces to the staff, and the staff was friendly in more than I-am-just-doing-my-job way. Seems to be a nice work place, thumbs up! 
On the other side of the same building is the Museum of Archeology. They had this practical umbrella parking. And entrance is for free! After 14 on Saturdays and entire Sundays. I liked it heaps, go there if you have the time. 

Thursday, 24 November 2016

Mucha mierda (break a leg)

He is transforming into "80, maybe 84" years. The trick with make up is to enforce the features you have, otherwise it does not look natural. In less than 10 minutes, he will hold a 1 h 45 minutes long monologue in Spanish. I expect to understand 10%.
 This takes place in Cieza, Spain. 
Before. I don't dare taking a picture now, but I assure you the auditorium is almost full and that I have one of the best places. 

Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Kids ask

"Is it plastics or a real human?"

We usually answer "old teacher".