Monday, 15 October 2018

"La suite, la suite!"

Here you go, two men (part of a monument in Podgorica from 1957) and cool trees with holes in them like cheese near a really old city. This is while I am adjusting technology to tell you about Montenegro adventures. I have plenty of nice photographies, landscape and portraits, but where is that important cable?

Thursday, 11 October 2018

Renting a "Toyota Yaris or similar"

This very hour, Jérémy and I are picking up a car we booked online in Montenegro. The reviews range from 2.5 to 4.5 and in one case, 7.5 out of 10. We know because of the topic that we are definitely not getting the shiny Yaris at display and there might be some arguing and delays involved.

What else could be complicated? Let's guess. Maybe we are expected to bring all printed forms ourselves. Maybe the staff will be on a long break. There are probably some hidden fees. If there are some scratches on the car, we might be accused to have caused them. Maybe the staff only speaks languages we don't speak. Maybe the renting office will be far, far away and difficult to find. Maybe they don't speak English, and we don't speak Montenegrin. Maybe the car is old and the key doesn't fit (happened to a friend in Spain once.) Let's see how many of these boxes we tick! :)

Wednesday, 10 October 2018

Royal mail for Matilda (but without fanfares)

Matilda will be coming to this castle for a meeting, and I have left a letter for her at this castle. When I spread this information, people suggested:

- me wearing white trousers and a red jacket with golden details and blow the fanfar to let her know the letter had arrived
- be riding a horse

And the lady at the castle was intrigued - there actually was a stable downhill. "Empty, nothing I can do anything about", she said regrettingly.


And what does the letter say? Better put: what are contents?

A kiss. Why? Because I gave it to a friend to read first (there is a story in it I am particularly happy about) and he kissed it. Nice kind of seal. And seal there is, real wax that was burning and looked like liquid fire whilst in the making.

Tuesday, 9 October 2018

Museum Mission (Wales): National Museum Cardiff

You and I say jellyfish, but that's not at all what the artist had in mind.
See the museum inside the museum? (I love it like this, and then you walk around frustrated because you couldn't find the new favourite spot you saw.)
Last time I asked about the worth of some museum exponats, the museum lady asked suspiciously if I planned to rob the things. This time, the artist is not nearly as famous, but he makes an excellent (thousands of pounds) point: the rainbowy water. That is exactly how it looked at night at Three Cliffs Bay. 
The animals, draped on the walls around the park near Cardiff Castle. Isn't it amazing; first, you make the castle. Then, you make a museum about the castle made.
But nice it is. 
I think it's a great place for a date. Not too big. Full of variation. If you get bored, you talk about the boring things you see. If intrigued, you indulge in that. 
Once a week, concerts are held here, inside the museum <3

Monday, 8 October 2018

New retro

People (a colleague) have said I look very French in these. Mm, leather laces, this is where the magic happens. 

Sunday, 7 October 2018

Chef shares a secret

He is the kind of chef that dives for his own scallops, crabs and oysters and owns several restaurants in St Petersburg. (We met yesterday.)

Here is a trick to spellbound your dinner guests, he said: pick currants while green and dry them. Then, grate them and put the powder on the meat dish served. It brings out fantastic smells.

Saturday, 6 October 2018

Untold stories

Story 1
Setting: accident on bridge. I step off bus, start walking, start waving my thumb for the prettiest cars (kidding) that decide to turn back. One guy BEHIND me gets picked up, so I walk up too and ask for a ride.
Man in tie: "Depends on where you are going." (We are on a one-way street because of the accident behind us and there are very few places to go unless you go where I am going.)
Me: "The centre."
Man in tie: "Then we can't take you."

I give it a bit of thought, and then realise: the entire car is filled with men in ties. They are all going to that secret government organisation behind the right creek!
Me: "Because you are going to FRA?"
Men in tie: *smiles*
Back in the days, they were not allowed to either confirm or deny that they worked at such an agency. Journalists gave them a hard time waiting just outsides, bombarding them with questions.

Story 2

Story 3
At a standup show, where the audience could write their own stories which would be shared by the comedians with the audience, I didn't only write a story but posed a question addressed directly to the performers. 

When ending the show, one of the comedians turned to me and said: 
"To answer your question - yes."
And only he, I and the other performer knew the question to that answer.