Friday, 15 February 2019

Things that I think about right now

So there is this sock making machine that can spit out super many pairs and costs 850,000 sek (about 7900 euros) and it's worth it if you plan to make many socks. But how much does the machine that makes the sock-making machine cost, and how many do we need of those? 

Will any book written during the past 60 years become a famous classic that will always be reprinted, like the ones we know from the 1900's? (Anna Karenina & co, for comparison.) Suggestions for candidates, anyone?

What habits are not (well) documented (enough) and hence will leave future generations long ahead clueless about why we did certain stuff, or even more interesting, what is so natural to us right now but will go missing in the history and no one will know we did those very things?

How would a world without patent look like, when we could use each other's inventions freely? I think what we call "development" would then speed up even more and reach fantastic, new heights.

Thursday, 14 February 2019

Jokkmokk and Gällivare and

This blogpost will contain quite some ice. And snow. You might want to get a cup of hot chocolate and a blanket before proceeding with the reading? 
Everything was covered with frost. My brother noticed one spot where the snow-covered street had melted because of some hot pipe, and we could clearly see: because of the packed snow, we were at least five centimeters above ground.
The mandatory "look , I am pulling a twig, it's snowing!"
We were probably the first at the market. Clock was maybe nine, vendors were preparing for ten. This was the biggest fur "shop" - reindeer furs, reindeer caps, and - wow, coloured in blue, yellow and green - the furs of SEALS. Illegal to slaughter outside of Finnish coast, so the vendor cleverly imported them from Greenland.
Most people found it cold, but not all.
Poetry circle, literally. Coffee for free.
At the market, you could watch reindeer races (poor reindeers, we left) and go by helicopter above town (we were denied access to go for no reason, so don't go with the company Fiskflyg).
But do try the local "kebab" - suovas, reindeer meet in bread. It's a wild experience. 
 And shop what your heart pleases! There is  cloudberry marmalade, thick cheap woven covers, even reindeer salami. This market has been a gathering place for the Sami people since 400 years and hasn't got that press which Christmas markets do.
We were very content, got on a bus with the sweetest driver and went to...
...Gällivare. Why so, you will know very soon. 

Tuesday, 12 February 2019

Cool things from the recent.

- Found out that some roses sold in Sweden are imported all the way from Ecuador! That is FAR, for flowers. 

- The recycling system in Sweden gives you a crown or two back when you return certain plastic bottles to the store, but technically you paid that extra coin yourself first and it is stated everywhere. But, did you know the same thing is done for gadgets? A certain percentage of the price for your new TV goes to covering the costs of recycling it later. 

- It's normal to wake up from mine explosions in Kiruna city.

- Boden, a Swedish city in the north, has a store with the concept to rent out all its winter equipment for free - except the stuff in the display window. Ice skates, skis, helmets, you name it. 

- Apparently, I am good at telling bedtime stories. Reviewers have said "it's not the story as much as the voice". Note: they all have a happy ending 

Sunday, 10 February 2019

Hello from up north

 Even railways has dentists. This brush is CUTE. Spotted in Gällivare. 
 In Jukkasjärvi, where the famous ice hotel is! As soon as I can upload photos, I will probably show you the rooms called "oh deer" and "mermaid fitness". Most of the rooms are unique, with its own theme, and yes, the bed is a huge chunk of ice, with a mattress and a reindeer fur on top. No heating. The hotel itself refers to them as "cold rooms".
I don't do -21 very well, but I made good attempts: double socks, not standing still, knitted my own cap to stand winds and not slide away above my ears. Now more than an entire night's travel awaits back home.

Friday, 8 February 2019

Robot for president.

World government is what will happen in the future, several scholars predict, Swedish philosopher Torbjörn Tännsjö being one of them.

Ehat about the aid of a robot? Will that happen? I think yes, it's likely. Right now it's popular to use the term "rational" for humans, though humans definitely are not, or at least often choose not to be. Then why not have a robot to choose among the current problems on the table to solve, foresee coming problems, let it prioritate and also present possible optimal solutions. It could help local governments or the world one, and people would assist the process to make the final decision about the data (taking complicated factors in account, like I dunno, bribe if it's not gone yet and how realistic it would be to implement the suggestions) and security staff will make sure the robot's system us hacked and manipulated. Could be good to boost economies, no?

Thursday, 7 February 2019

Good things from the recent

- Wore my sequin top and NEVER have so many people greeted me as that day, even when I have worn it before. A lad referred to me as "the walking discotheque". I answered: "You are welcome" and walked away and was super cool.

- Got the perfect entrance shelf, for bags to be dropped off on and for shoes and it fits as if tailored. 

- Decided to make my own chocolate. I will start with the beans, proceed to the filling etc etc. This if course will take ages and there will be very little chocolate, but it will be exactly (let's hope) as I want it. Let's get back to this in a year for evaluation, shall we? It's surely super difficult. I imagine myself turning up at parties with my own chocolate and people will either love it or avoid it with the best excuses.

- Have thought over my style of clothing. Life is obviously too short for ugly clothes, but what I actually want and what I want among what is available are completely different things. One thing I loosely have adapted to is to avoid anything that is not on sale in any way. I think it's ridiculous when something can cost X one day and X/3 some other day. Sale, however, makes it even more difficult: my sizes are usually sold out and selection in general even more limited. But it's an interesting thought, that we just one day accept the value of certain items to be one way, and just a couple of hours later it will alter completely. 

Wednesday, 6 February 2019

It is an important day today

It's my birthday! One year older, wiser, street-smarter, all that. Am full of ideas (and implement many of them). Speak better (and more correct) Russian. Good job, Jana! But I am not celebrating, I am postponing to maybe...July. August? Maybe September. In fact, I might have forgotten it altogether till this hour. Nevertheless, contrary to last year, I have a long wishlist. One of the immaterial bullet points is to keep the new year promises!