Wednesday, 12 December 2018

Two new things I discovered or learned

That cows can self-handedly refuse to give away milk. That is usually solved with the involvement of a veterinary and injection of a hormon that gives way for the milk.

Olssons skor in Swedish means "Shoes of Olsson [a family name]". I passed by this shop on Odengatan so many times - and only last week I tool a closer look. It's a night club!!! That kept the name of the previous shop. I spoke to the guy laying the carpet in front of the place - what do people say when referring to it? "Olssons." Cool!

I kind of learned how socks are made. (One of?) the quickest machines is Lean sock, that spits out the entire creation (including the top, which is the trickier part) in minutes. It's yours for 80,000 €.

Tuesday, 11 December 2018

"Half a year?! That's so little time!" "Half a year - that's very far from now!"

My standup show is evolving. It awakens new sides and challenges me in ways I couldn't foresee. On one hand, there is the craft of writing, which I right now see simultanuous to the timing, the intonation, the emphasis, the pauses - 

But there are surprise elements in it as well, which do not only involve uttered words. And the ideas I have - I am not an expert within that field. Being a true optimist, I just see new doors and ways in this, and as I make it up on the go, my ways become very untraditional. 

Too keep it a surprise, I must leave some very heavy cliffhangers right here. What I can share is: this is a challenge for the memory, and I need to find out more about technology to make it work as I imagined it.

As for the quotes - the first one comes from a person who had set up shows before, the second from a person who doesn't - and both refer to my planned premiere date.

Monday, 10 December 2018

A rose for your thoughts

 From time to time, I receive roses. Always in a loving way, two of three times with a riddle about where to find it (in a cupboard... in someone's hand...). And while receiving gifts is an art, what to do when the rose is received? 

One. You can put it in cups,
I found out - it's super decorative. 
Two. You can put them in the books you are reading. Flashbacks from 1800's right away, in a very pleasant manner.
Three. Match them with what you got in decorative ways. (This is a holographic postcard.)

Sunday, 9 December 2018

"Does anyone have a mirror? It's an emergency."

Time for new mailbox arrivals!
Silvia sent an authentic photo from Oman - she didn't buy the postcard, she produced it.
Christmas plans and celebration abbreviated. When did you see hand-written italics last time? 
This was my reply, sent today.
I also get local mail, stuck above my door - with authentication seals of various shapes and forms. Such a local letter from last Thursday was impossible to understand - it was backwards in a way I couldn't read. This was the first time I had to stand in the bathroom to be able to read a letter using a mirror. 

Saturday, 8 December 2018

More outfits! As we have longed for that!

 Let's start with shoes. Bought in Spain, made of plastic. Fantastic, in rain.
Loved this blouse the second I spotted it. It's full of dogs, maybe seven breeds. Photo by David Härenstam.
Off-shoulder sweaters can be very sexy.

Friday, 7 December 2018

Museum Mission (Brussels): House of European History

 Hello and welcome to a guided and brief tour of the House of European History. 
 The biggest effort lies in the languages, I think: all EU languages are represented next to every item, either as a colourful pad like this or on the digital pad - ipad - you get in your hand and wander around with.
 I was not allowed to take any detailed photos, only generic, so here come swiping summaries and definitely not a photo of A PARTICULAR ITEM that contributed to the start of the First World war. 
It was a fairly objective museum, not taking one particular stand and bringing up different happenings.
 On the other hand - European history is not easy to summarise and represent without building another six floors, so I somehow felt the current items displayed were just the first course of a bigger meal, wishing there were more ingredients and historical jungles.
 Children's corner. 

 Whatever the game was, I won of course :)
Interesting when people aged 30-60 are joint together in the evaluation form. We had quite a few things to say. Maybe the suggested changes will have happened till you go there for a visit. 

Wednesday, 5 December 2018

Adventures during 2018 - the tip of the iceberg

In February, I was an actress at an area designated for particular training of possible work-related scenarios.
In February, I attended my first croquis. 
Had a party.
Got surprises, of which one was confused with a bachelorette party by spectators. "Hope it will last", a man said.
In March, saw a dreamlike exhibition at Naturhistoriska riksmuseet.
In March - got to talk to the cousin of castle owners in Skåne, who recommended to visit a castle for sale in the area. This is an apple juice bottle, by the way. 
 May, and I became a guitar owner within 2.5 hours after having heard about this model in particular. 
 April, and Jérémy showed me a secret inner yard.
Behind me: a hidden fountain inside a Julita gård as the Flemish painter imagined it. Wanted to go to Julita gård since forever, so, finally! 
June, guitar sessions with friends...
 ...and a bird whispered there is Galway,
 and outside of Galway: the Moher cliffs.
They filmed Harry Potter and the half-blood prince next to the cliffs, but the cows have seen it all.
July, hardcore tourism. This is in Dublin, while stranded when waiting for a flight to Barcelona (which means, more time for castle visits).
July, and I experienced (the difficulties of) wakeboarding for the first time. Did also take up the hobby to look for different types of aircrafts, in the air.
August, flying visit to Brussels (at this restaurant, A SHELF with french fries ready to be fried)...
...and Brügge.
First of September, I discovered that Mont Saint-Michel certainly isn't a castle but a former abbey and is both beautiful and got the vibe. I would be happy to go here again soon.
Mid-September, and I cut my hair to the shortest point of my life (not counting the hedgehog period at such a young age that it could be expressed with one digit) and took the boat from work to Stockholm. 
October - visited Montenegro, for the first and probably the last time: it is very small.
November offered a poem from a young man.
December, and I have almost completed the script for my standup show, upcoming next year. 13 pages of joy and surprises - I hope.
Number of castles entered: few. The two in Cardiff, Bogesund in Vaxholm (where this is where the image is taken), Dublin, the one in Skåne (and I don't count Glimminge hus in).