Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Tour de chambre: pick an animal

 After the passive-aggressive message about cleaning the common kitchen area, came sunshine shaped as a party suggestion. Idea is: pick a farm animal, make that a theme for your room, including the invention of a (table) game. Every person in the student corridor will join in, play the game, drink a bit and then it's time for the next room to be crammed. 
I have inside information about one animal, are you ready?
A tray with an otter on it will be used for a game called Otter Nonsense. 

Saturday, 20 January 2018

"Vitsvit" ("White Blight") by Athena Farrokhzad

It's very shiny and difficult to capture with a camera - but the content is at least as fantastic. It's the first poetry book I have liked from cover to cover, ever. I want to learn almost every phrase. Short and deep. Short and poetic, not all poetry is. Identity, language, family, war - I am with her, I understand her mother, I understand her father, I understand her grandmother and I understand her uncle and brother. They are the voices that speak, and ask her - who's father are you writing about? I want to be buried in a country where people can pronounce my name. Only when you have buried your mother there, can you call the country yours. AND OTHER WISDOM.
In high school, we got the task to work with Geoffrey Chaucer's work. I found his English books and while waiting for the translation to come from a different library, which would happen next week, I translated it myself. This is work behind the scenes teachers had no idea about. Then came the official, brilliant and intricate translation and I saw, with the the very experienced eye of a 17 year old, that my attempts were fair but should for equally fair reasons be ignored. My point is: you just witnessed an impovement of a brief translation session more than a decade later.

Friday, 19 January 2018

Museum Mission (Barranda, Spain): don't be pregnant at the Music museum in Barranda

 "You will love it", everybody said. And indeed:
 The most peculiar instruments with most curious and beautiful sounds are collected here. Museo de la musica etnica de Barranda
 But there is one minus: the guide. For two reasons. 
 If you hit this incredible powerful gong from China, the vibrations can cause miscarriage, the guide said, and hit the instrument with a cruel smile. There were two women who could have been pregnant attending that demonstration, and he gave us no chance to leave before he intiated what could have been the cause our future children's death.
Second reason: he introduced an instrument from Thailand or Indonesia, unfortunately I do not remember which, used to call on people who were KILOMETERS away. I covered my ears while he played it catiously; he stopped playing and I let my hands fall down. He seized the moment and hit it again - hard. That vibration was hard to forget.
With a less self-loving guide, I assure you, the experience would have been radically different. 

Tuesday, 16 January 2018

I write fragments of poems, friends review

Every sunset is actually a rainbow practicing climbing the horizon 

Friend 1: "it is a marvelous image"
Friend 2: "haha poetic but scientifically not accurate"
Friend 3: "it is nice. But 'actually' is entirely imho unpoetic"


The dreams we see are new worlds under construction 

Friend 1: *encourages related business ideas*
Friend 4: "aww it's nice"
Friend 3: "ok nice critique: it's sweet. Tough critique: I think the idea is poetic but not the language. It doesn't become new in any way. More work on the language is needed (but it's just my taste)"

Friend 4 shares, when asked, his favourite authors that transmit the style of language as lightning (the idea of which I also like): Mallarmé, S. Plath, Ginsberg, T. Hardy. 

Cool, I will take a closer look! 

Now, here comes the most new line, never shared before because it is as fresh as the snow that falls outside my window. Inspiration from the book "The Vegetarian" by Han Kang that I started reading a few hours ago.

The body so thin, the shadow almost transparent 

Monday, 15 January 2018

Capturing capitalism or "How much screaming and disappointment was needed to produce your shirt?"

So close but so far, like the fruit in front of me I cannot take unless I hand over some cash first.

We use money to measure a lot of things, like services; some attorneys charge 3,000 pounds per hour, some artists 50 euros for the same amount of time. No money - not much gets done. But how much are we willing to do for money?

I am asking this because even though a job gives us a meaning, colleagues that become friends for life and not the least, it pays the bills - there is a reason to why a boss can call you the worst words at work. That reason is: If you object, you will be forced to leave; there are other people prepared to be yelled at without complaints who will happily take your job.

Therefore I wonder about (so far) quite unmeasurable things, for example:

How many disputes took place for the garment I am wearing to be manufactured and sold? (And with this information at hand, would it stop you from buying this shirt?)

Sustainable - sure. Good. But did every person contributing to its making have a good treatment?

Going further, was everybody in the crew feel that they were listened to, happy, felt they could develop in their professions? 

Sunday, 14 January 2018

The internet Orbuculum

I am thinking that the most safe bets of all crystal balls telling the future offers is the internet one.

All your search history, all your films watched, items paid for, future dreams research made adds up to a profile showing 1) your type of personality 2) your probable profession(s) the coming year(s).

The best- and probably scary - thing would be to team up with the people who are like you. As Pinterest suggests, "you might also like..." - but people, your age, who are at exactly the same career spot, looking for exactly the same thing.

As usual: you know where you heard it first.

Saturday, 13 January 2018

Directly after a party

 As you can see, this is the natural reaction after an evening with salsa, folk dance, PhD discussions and (semi)funny stories :D